New Craigslist Ad For Crisis Actors

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Actors Required for Security Drills (Crisis Actors) (USA) – Posted: 23 hours ago
E-9 is a private security firm is seeking crisis actors for training videos and drills.

Canadian Citizen
Confidentiality Agreement Must be Signed

Date: November 14 – November 17, 2016
Location: Colorado, USA

Seems odd they would need/want people from Canada for an exercise in the US. Might be nothing but this seems weird to me so I wanted to point it out.

Sidenote: What is also weird is the ad states they are a private security firm when their site shows them as being an IT

E-9 Corporation – Our Customer List
-Department of the Army
-Department of the Navy
-Department of Transportation
-Federal Aviation Administration
-Department of Treasury
-Department of State
-Internal Revenue Service
-Murray State
-Department of Defense
-Defense Intelligence Agency
-Department of Health and Human Services
-Defense Logistics Agency
-Department of the Air Force
-Contract 19 – BPA SAQMMA-16-A-0130


7 thoughts on “New Craigslist Ad For Crisis Actors

  1. I guess our crisis actors are not so good and not very convincing so let’s try Canadians and see how that flies.

    1. I don’t know, Grin. Their Ottawa “attack” was pretty substandard and their CPR skills with chest compression’s didn’t even involve the “victim’s” chest. They got nothin’ on hollywood!

    2. You got a point Grin. American crisis actors are pretty bad.
      But then, Martist has a good point. Canadian crisis actors suck, too.
      Maybe they are getting together to learn how to be better crisis actors. They gotta do something to boost their production value. The Hollywood Jews won’t touch this stuff…there’s no money in it for ’em.

  2. Or, the American Crisis Actors are now well known and the powers that think they be want fresh faces.

  3. I’m sure Canadian actors are bad as well. In fact, Canadians are bad at almost everything. But Canadians are less likely to have US family and friends who could expose them after the event as being crisis actors rather than actual victims.

  4. We need to see that confidentiality agreement and see what it says in it

    Like ” if you blow our cover we will have you and your family killed”?

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