New Jobless Claims come in at 367,000 for the Week

New filings for unemployment benefits came in at 367,000 and the propagandists are hailing this pathetic number as a sign that the job market is slowly healing.  Everyone out there does realize that these unemployment numbers are now being seasonally adjusted.

Personally I would like to know just how that works.  The number is supposed to represent those individuals who lost their jobs, came into the unemployment office, and filed for benefits in a single week.  So how in the hell do you seasonally adjust this number?

Well I have been telling you that those who have only been working seasonally were going to be unemployed once again, which would cause the weekly filings to go up.  Well the liars keeping track of the numbers just seasonally adjusted those people and made them go away.

So how many new claims were there this week before the number was adjusted?  Well that would be 415,094, so 48,094 claims were just “adjusted” away somewhere.  People, this has been going on week after week and nothing is changing.

In the United States today there are 240 million working age people and only 140 million of them are working, and how many of these jobs represent the working poor and underemployed?  Since the year 2000 we have lost 10% of our middle class jobs and this is what they’ll admit to.  I wonder what the real number is.

So why are they pushing these lies?  Well because there is no way in hell the illusion of we the people electing another status quo president could exist otherwise.

Today we will either see the true number reflected in an unexpected rise of the unemployment rate, as the true numbers have to be brought forward sooner or later to balance the books, or we will see a drop in the unemployment rate which will tell us that the elite status quo are intent upon fudging the numbers for a few more months or maybe clear up until the election, that is if they all can agree to wait until 2013 to balance the books and divide up the wealth they have stolen from us in 2012.

According to the New York Times, approximately 100 million Americans are either living in poverty or in the “fretful zone” just above it.  That is a third of our population.  Remember Wednesday when Mitt Romney was saying 90 to 95% of Americans were in the middle class?  Either he is completely out of touch with reality or just not being bloated from starvation yet is what he considers middle class.

Now that we know that the unemployment numbers are a blatant bald faced lie, what percent of you out there believe the election poll numbers?  And think about the talking heads who appear on your television every day telling you these wanton lies.  Do you really think they have our best interests in mind?

And don’t forget these are the same people who continue to parrot the phrase “Ron Paul cannot be elected.”  Well I guess they will prove themselves right if they are allowed to continue to dictate our elections through their fraudulent opinion polls.

According to one of their polls, whether you can believe it or not, 70% of the American people support the Occupy protesters, which would indicate that they would never vote for the status quo.  So where are they?  Apparently they don’t live in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Florida.

So what, are they all in one or two or three states?  If so, how could their opinion polls show a majority across the country voting for an establishment candidate?  Is it just me or wouldn’t this be mathematically impossible?

And again, considering the states that have already voted in clear defiance of the pollster’s own numbers, doesn’t Ron Paul have to hit a state sooner or later wherein he gets 90 or 100% of the vote?

Or maybe that 70% of the population doesn’t have to be counted.  Or maybe they’ve decided they just aren’t going to count us.

Maybe when we take our Republic back we should take all these fraudulent numbers and cram them down their collective throats before we toss them on the deportation barges.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. American airlines is going to layoff 10,000 folks & that they are going to outsource maintenance overseas to save what ? I was employed in the Marine repair industry, ’til I was laid off and now after exhausting UI benefits I am now magically not counted ! Near the end of my employ a lot of smaller outboard engines were and are made in China as well as a lot of parts of another brand are outsourced, in a word they are junk, kept me busy, but man, things were better years ago! The only things that are manufactured here seem to be the unemployment figures !

  2. The media so confuses me with this data and since they are claiming the economy is 100%, will this mean the UI benefits for those long term unemployed will never be extended? Also, where is the media’s attention on those in their 50’s and beyond the age of 50 still not finding employment or the 99ers. I am so tired of getting untrue information.

    Each day I look at the Daily Layoff list and see hundreds to thousands that are about to get their pink slips, why is this not being reported?

    Thank God for this site, I know I can always get the real facts here.

    1. Ellen,

      As long as there is an electoral college deciding for us who our nominees are going to be, America will never be an honest Republic. Therefore, we will never hear the true unemployment numbers. We have been taken over by the corrupt wealthy. I just hope these people read up on how they have been dealt with around the world, as the militias have taken matters into their own hands.

      The pressure cooker is starting to rumble. There isn’t one honest US based media outlet left. All that’s left is sites such as this for the real truth. We are getting our news information from millionaires, who could care less about the truth.

      1. Like I said thanks so much for this site.

        Each month when these numbers come out I literally get sick to my stomach. The only person today that was honest about the data was Dylan Radigan he actually came out and said these are false numbers.

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