New York Times Rips Apart Eric Holder’s False Security Excuse…

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Obama Attorney General Eric Holder informed both the media and Congress earlier this week that his department seized communications records from the Associated Press due to what he described as a “national security risk”. (One that Barack Obama then declared he had no clue of by the way)  Today the New York Times rips apart Mr. Holder’s claim – and then some…  

Did the A.P. Leak Put ‘the American People at Risk’?

Attorney General Eric Holder tried the other day to justify the government’s secret spying on The Associated Press. He condemned an apparent leak to the A.P. regarding a foiled (remember that word, foiled) terrorist plot hatched in Yemen, which he said posed a dire threat to national security.

It was not just a “very serious leak,” Mr. Holder said. It was “a very, very serious leak.” And that’s not all. “This is among the top two or three serious leaks that I’ve ever seen,” he said, one that “put the American people at risk.” Finding out who put the entire population in jeopardy “required very aggressive action,” he said.

Was it really that bad?

…According to an article in The Washington Post, The A.P.’s staff sat on their scoop for five days in May 2012 at the request of the C.I.A., then were asked to hold off for one day more — not because of additional security concerns, but because the administration wanted to announce the successful counter-terrorism effort itself.

So, in short, the A.P. got itself a scoop, and then held off on publishing until it was clear that “the American people” were not “at risk.”

Hyperventilating about threats to “the American people” a year later is outrageous.   LINK

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