Newt Gingrich Displays His Loyalty to Zionism

Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich has stated that if elected president, his stance on Israel will be essentially this:  Palestine never existed and the Palestinian people are a manufactured race.

Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire but the Palestinian people in Palestine were there before the birth of Jesus Christ.  Anyone who would accept Gingrich’s Zionist statements need only look at a map of the Middle East prior to 1948.  You will see a country there with absolute borders and a population of people there known as Palestinians.  We have covered the ongoing invasion of Palestine which has resulted in the virtual capture of that entire country by the occupying force known as Israel.

After Gingrich made his statement, he went on to say that the people of the United States are ignorant as to the ongoing situation in Palestine, saying that the Israelis have to endure rocket fire literally every day and that the Israelis have never wanted anything but peace.  I think the very fact that Gingrich felt he needed to make this outrageous statement shows the failing of the Zionist propaganda in the United States.

Here is some more information you might want to put out, Mr. Gingrich.  The Israelis have developed over 200 nuclear warheads, in secret and in violation of UN mandates.  The Israelis represent a clear and present danger to every other Middle Eastern country as their ongoing aggressive takeover of the country of Palestine shows their total lack of recognition of international borders.

The Arabs aren’t as ignorant as Gingrich would have us believe.  They know the Zionists have no intent of stopping at taking Palestine.  Once they have secured that country, Syria or Jordan will be next.  Why?  Because they too were never countries, don’t you know?  And in the end it will be that this whole world was put here for the Zionist Jews and the rest of humanity shall be considered nothing more than beasts of the field, hence the property of the Jews.

As for the rockets being launched on Israel, well when you go into Gaza and drop cluster bombs on unarmed civilians, committing genocide on women and little children, what do you expect?  Don’t answer that.  I’ll tell you what the Israelis expect and that is that the Goyim, hence cattle, hence Palestinian people accept their slaughter as a righteous sacrifice to the blood thirsty god of the Zionist Jews.

Mark my words this day.  If Newt Gingrich or any other candidate other than Ron Paul is elected president, our young people will be sent to capture the rest of the Middle East for our Jewish masters, and their blood too will become a sacrifice to the Zionist god.

When looking at the election and the candidates groveling at the feet of the Jews, don’t forget Jews make up only 1.7% of our population and all pandering to them is due to their disproportional possession of wealth and power in our country, and the fact that dual citizen Israeli-Americans exercise extraordinary power within our government.

Never forget that no other country on this planet allows dual citizens to serve in any seat of power.  And especially remember that the Jews are the only dual citizens that can take a position in the United States government.  This outrage must be stopped and the traitors who have infiltrated our government must be prosecuted and deported.

God help us to make it possible.

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