Eric Holder Laughs At Congress as 12 Foreign Worker Visa Legislations Move through Committee

Attorney General Eric Holder, testifying before Congress last week, still refused to disclose what he knew and when he knew it in reference to Fast and Furious, skirting the questioning like the attorney he is.  And now of course the DEA has been brought into the picture.  Apparently while Eric Holder and company were running guns into Mexico and drugs into the United States, the DEA was laundering the money.  Of course, like the ATF gunrunning, the illegal money laundering was just a part of yet another investigation.

How would the average citizen fare if he or she was busted for running guns and drugs and money laundering and then put forth the excuse that the activities were being perpetrated for the purpose of ascertaining who is at the top in the crime families, so that this average citizen could turn these names over to the proper authorities for prosecution?  The assertion would be laughed at.

Think about it this way.  The ATF and DEA are supposed to be the proper authorities.  And considering the inner agency activity between the ATF, DEA, FBI, and CIA, does anyone believe that the identity of the drug kingpins in Mexico and the United States are not common knowledge within these agencies?  Does anyone believe that the money laundering organizations and how they operate are also not known to the insurgents in our government?  Of course they are.  How else could a multi-billion dollar criminal industry continue to exist with a minimum of arrests and prosecutions?

It is now right out in plain sight for all to see.  The insurgents in our government are the criminals.  Our system is now completely corrupt from the meter maid to the president and in some ways the insurgency is being accepted as a fait accompli as it is being supported throughout the corporate elitist society.

So why are so many accepting this lawlessness?  Well it is because they benefit from it.  The corporate farms, construction companies, and even technology producers are not going to say a thing against the insurgency that is bringing slave labor to the United States.

In fact the cry going out through the so called conservative media is, now get this, “Let more foreign workers in the US to create more jobs in the US.”  Well I guess this would be true if you bring industry back into the United States and conduct it with slave labor.  And technically those jobs would be doing work in the US so they technically would be US jobs, though the industry and the income derived from the activity would be absolutely foreign as would the profits that would be of course piled up in accounts outside of the US.

So who makes up the treasonous companies who want to bring foreign workers to take the jobs of US citizens?  Microsoft wants 2,505 foreign employees, IBM wants 1,263, Infosys wants 1,058, Deloitte wants 887, Fijitsu wants 747, Cognizant wants 645, Patni wants 540, CVS/Pharmacy wants 499, Qualcomm wants 472, and Larsen & Toubro wants 418.

This is an open and announced attack on what is left of our middle class. The mainstream media is also not reporting on the 12 bills now in committee for expansion of worker visas which are designed to accommodate this blatant attack.

Make no mistake, this is an insurgency designed to bring the American worker into a condition of slavery to and for the corporate elite.  And unless we stop these visa bills now in our Congress we are going to see more of our middle class jobs taken over by workers from other countries here on visas who will work for less while the employer will pay no taxes or benefits for or to them.

We must elect Dr. Ron Paul as our next president as he is the only politician who will take on the insurgents and bring them to justice.  If we do not fight now the fight we will have later will be one wherein we will be fighting for our lives rather than just our jobs.  We must stay united and not waver or we will lose our country.

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