Newtown school shooting story already being changed by the media to eliminate eyewitness reports of a second shooter

Natural News – by Mike Adams

The national media is ablaze today with coverage of the tragic elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT, where 27 people have reportedly been killed, including 18 children.

As always, when violent shootings take place, honest journalists are forced to ask the question: “Does this fit the pattern of other staged shootings?”

One of the most important red flags of a staged shooting is a second gunman, indicating the shooting was coordinated and planned. There are often mind control elements at work in many of these shootings. The Aurora “Batman” shooter James Holmes, for example, was a graduate student actually working on mind control technologies funded by the U.S. government. There were also chemical mind control elements linked to Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter of Congresswomen Giffords in Arizona in 2011.

According to multiple eyewitness reports from Aurora, Colorado, including at least one caught on camera by mainstream media news reports in Colorado, James Holmes did not operate alone. There was a second shooter involved. But the media quickly eliminated any mention of a second shooter from its coverage, resorting to the typical cover story of a “lone gunman.”

Today, the exact same thing is happening with the Newton, CT school shooting.

Eyewitness reports of a second shooter now being “scrubbed” from the news

As the story of this shooting was first breaking, the news was reporting a second gunman.

FoxNews reported that this second gunman was “led out of the woods by officers” and then questioned. The original source of this report was the Connecticut Post.

A local CBS affiliate was also reporting the existence of a second gunman and said “Police believe there may be a second gunman and are looking for a red or maroon van with its back window blown out…”

ABC News also originally reported, “A second gunman is apparently at large. Car-to-car searches are underway.”

A local CT CBS affiliate was also reporting, “CBS News reports that a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect. A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, ‘I did not do it.'”

But the more recent stories being put out by the media are scrubbing any mention of a second gunman and going with the “lone gunman” explanation, which holds about as much water as the “lone gunman” explanation of the JFK assassination.

“A lone gunman killed 27 people at an elementary school here, including 18 children, in a terrifying early Friday morning shooting spree,” reports USA Today. It makes no mention whatsoever of a second gunman.

NBC News is also now chiming in with the “lone gunman” version of the story, eliminating any mention of a second gunman from its coverage of the tragic event.

Another story authored by NBC News carries the title, “26 dead after lone gunman assaults Connecticut elementary school.” Once again, no mention of a second gunman as reported by eyewitnesses.

When key elements of the story keeps changing, something is fishy

Journalists are trained to ask questions, and one of the questions I have right now is: Why was the second gunman suddenly dropped from media coverage after the first few hours of this story developing?

And why is there always a second gunman in these recent mass shootings that seem to be engineered to maximize emotional shock value due to the sheer horror of all the innocent deaths?

This story is continuing to develop, and we’ll keep asking questions here on Natural News. Our hearts and prayers go out to the children and families impacted by this violent tragedy. Given the terrible loss of life that has taken place here, shouldn’t we all seek to get to the bottom of WHY these shootings all seem to fit a common pattern of multiple mind-controlled shooters followed by an almost immediate media cover-up of the facts?

For the sake of those children who were killed today, I want to get to the bottom of this and expose the REAL story, for the purpose of stopping this violence from targeting yet more innocents in the future.

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9 thoughts on “Newtown school shooting story already being changed by the media to eliminate eyewitness reports of a second shooter

  1. I’m curious to see evidence of who actually died. So far I see photos of families holding their children and seem to be crying or acting like they are crying along with military police coming in with rifles.

    No stretchers, No blood, No names, No pictures, No bullet holes, No camera footage, No hospital inquiries, No nothing.

    Gee…it’s almost as though nothing actually happened and that it was all a hoax or a drill to get our guns and possibly to put TSA into our schools.

  2. I cant remember where I read or heard this but they’ve tried to create a 2nd shooter phenomenon in these types of mass shooting scenarios. In other words, they make it sound like there’s so much confusion and madness during these shootings that people just THINK they saw a 2nd shooter. This way when we hear about a 2nd shooter they can simply discount it as this so called phenomenon. The BS never stops.

  3. Peter Lanza father of Adam Lanza the shooter works for GE! Plus think about this one.

    Aurora means dawn. Colorado means red. Red dawn! Newtown coneticuts symbol is the twilight rooster. Which crows at the red dawn!

  4. Could have sworn I heard something about a third shooter.

    Wish they’d get their lies, er…. I mean story, straight.

  5. I also like the fact that the media is also changing the story of how the shooter died. First reports, in almost every article I read from many sources, said the gunman had been killed. Now it’s ‘self-inflicted’.
    However, I don’t want anyone to think I’m justifying anything the shooter did…I’m glad the MF’er is dead. I don’t care how. I just hate bad reporting.

    I meditate for every person affected by this, and wish all as best of a recovery as possible.

    Obama says in the article from cnn…
    “We’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of politics,” he said.

    Meaningful action= citizens start policing the streets
    AND the court system making it mandatory life in a cell 23 hours a day, and one hour of exercise…for the WHOLE sentence.

    I would personally like for anyone that does a crime that is intentionally horrific like this to be sentenced to be put back on the streets, with a 48 hour vigilante period, or ‘hunting season’ implemented on them.
    If the citizens can’t take care of the problem by then, they can walk. They wouldn’t be any good anyway.
    How about armed citizen stewardship at our precious children’s schools?
    There’s a change.

    Whether or not this is a psy op or not, something does need to be done.
    Gun control, as most people think of it, is NOT the answer. The only answer gun control would make is even more horrific incidents.

    Again, meditations and prayers to everyone immediately and personally affected, as well as to everyone whose heart lost a little something because of tis incident.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  6. how do you know the “gunman” shot anybody?

    just thinking here.

    you have this guy – all set up with the media ready to post his name etc.
    and he can get into the school.

    then you have this other guy “i didnt shoot them” shouting guy – under arrest in the same clothing.

    what if d#@khead patsie drugged idiot went to the school, and was then capped by the real “i didnt do it” guy who then blazed at the kids in the classroom and made his escape.

    what if d#@khead patsie drugged idiot went to the school, and was then capped by the real “i didnt do it” guy who then just left – and there are no dead kids.

    because they said you had to be recognised and show id to get in.
    he would be recognised and have id – but they still arent going to let him in because, is that a rifle down your trousers or are you just pleased to see me.
    i mean, come on – how do you hide a log barrel weapon to get into the place?
    unless he went in unarmed and then opened the door for the second guy.

    the school shooting in the u.k. was similar.
    oficcial story was a lone gunman went into the school and ended by shooting himself,
    but whitnesses said he was directed into the building by a second person.
    (who probably killed him afterwards)

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