9 thoughts on “No broadcast today

  1. Man if you never broadcast again it would be sufficient. You’ve said all that needs to be said and done it in a way that shames the average listener…you have balls of steel and somehow you ever stay on point and relentlessly keep spitting the quintessential truth of The Bill of Rights…This message is Game / Set / Match in the world of The Matrix….they got nothing on us if we are terminally committed to INDIVIDUALITY at all costs!
    that said, we want you to keep the word alive, and I personally look forward to every broadcast to get my blood up…we, the trenchers out here KNOW what time it is, and we respect and love you for barking the truth through the megaphone of the Bill of Rights…Your tireless rage against collectivism is the peake of the mountain…and i mean that in the most respectful way…your courage is inspirational, i swear you have a a table of your own waiting in Vallhalla, lol, Let Freedom Reign!

    1. This got me thinkin’ about all the people who come and go, not just here at the site, but also in our lives. Wherever we wander, ain’t it always about movin’ the ball down the field? By that I mean working to see that The Bill of Rights is once again honored, and recognized as The Supreme Law of the Land. So, amidst comings and goings, and differences and agreements, are we not to all keep asking ourselves, “Am I helping to move the ball down the field?”


    2. That would be a long and crowded table indeed.
      I broadcast every weekday because there are always new people listening.
      What we have accomplished, we have done so as a people. Each one of us must fight as an individual so each one of us is putting their life on the line. Once enough of us individuals do, well the dog fight is on.
      It is grand that we have the Bill of Rights to make our purpose in enforcing it, as individuals, clear.
      Just remember that duty is what creates courage and no one of us is more important than the next. In the end it will be us all that makes this aright and enforces our law.

  2. I’ll have Beer also .. I do appreciate that Henry stuck his neck out all these years. Thank you brother. Ken

  3. The only word worth spreading is the Word From The Trenches…This motherfucker has the ultimate shepherd headcock…he knows what he’s looking at and he knows what time it is!!!

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