No Broadcast Today

There will be no broadcast of The Word From the Trenches today.

Still unable to come on the air.  The platelet bio-weapon is being dealt with and as this is the second time we were attacked we know what we are doing.  Of course you have to figure in the equation that if I’m going to get sick, I’m bound to have a molar on the top and a molar on the bottom turn abscess.  Waiting on a call from the pharmacy and minutes are like hours, but I’m sure you’ve all got to enjoy the absolute torture of an abscess tooth. 

I have to go to a doctor to get amoxicillin where as the rancher/poultry producer can inoculate his whole herd with one sick cow or one sick chicken as his excuse.  This is what cost me my heart valve.  These greedy industrial ranchers and poultry growers inoculating the entire herd with antibiotics which should be saved for the people, not to protect these bastards’ investment.  I guarantee you the rancher or the poultry producer does not have to go through what I have to go through to get a bottle of antibiotics which should be available over the counter, with which I’m sure that anyone who has ever had a tooth turn abscess would agree.

Be back up as soon as I can.

9 thoughts on “No Broadcast Today

  1. Get Well Henry time we all be watchful what we eat. I herd that Mic-Biden said in a speech that his family was very religious, he was a devout catholic and his son was a Crystal Methodist !! Just a little cheer to boost morale ! A glass of MMS a day keeps the parasites away!

  2. Lots of folks use fishmox for tooth antibiotic …. They tell me it works well …. But I suggest you have the f-kers pulled and be done with them ……….

    1. No dentist will pull the f-ker. You see, I have a preexisting condition, hypertension, that they cannot get a hold of while pulling a tooth. They won’t even let me in the f-king door, so I use that temporary filling shit you get down at the store with some superglue and every few years I get the abscesses, which I get rid of with the antibiotics and start all over again.

        1. The ones I’ve had pulled thus far didn’t need to be pulled. I had cavities which could have easily been taken care of and I was entitled to the sliding scale, but because of the high blood pressure, there was only one oral surgeon that would attempt it and he kept panicking and stopping when my blood pressure would go off the chart. I told him, f-k it just get it done. He finished the last one and the tooth was so healthy he had to break the root out and then drill the root out of the socket.
          I’ve got some payback for these mother f-kers, I’ll tell you right now. I want to do a little tooth pulling on their teeth that don’t need it.
          Appreciate the offer, Hal, but I didn’t see no root on that tooth that you pulled. If it weren’t for me knowing how healthy those roots are, I’d pull the son of the bitch myself.

          1. Just shiving ya git, brother.
            I wouldn’t charge anything.
            And hope for the best health you can have.
            If you didn’t see root, you wasn’t looking.
            Half the root came out, the bad half got dug out to the best of my ability with hopes the rest will work it’s way to the surface like the last tooth that I paid to have extracted (maybe it was a jew dentist).
            Get better, old man 🙂

          2. Of course I wouldn’t charge you anything either for getting up on your chest with a pair of vise grips and ripping your tooth out.
            I’m not kidding when I said there was nothing wrong with the roots of those teeth. You see I’m a poor son of a bitch. If you are a rich son of a bitch or a f-king foreigner from south of the border you get a gold cap.
            Once we take our country back there is going to be a need for guys like you and me, fellas who will pull teeth for nothing. Most of the time, teeth that don’t even need to be pulled. We’ll take all that money that we are buying gold crowns for the spicks with and put it towards something truly important, like brewing a better beer. We’d could have our boys out capturing them and then two pairs vise grips with a chain in the middle. Could call it WWF. I’m betting there are people out there that would pay just to hear the bastards scream.
            Time for these dogs to have their day and this will be our child’s play.

          3. I just want the garbage out of here as fast as possible
            I could give a fk if dog sht was money.

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