5 thoughts on “No school for the “unvaxxed”

  1. Lol The absolute best thing that could ever happen for them and they’re complaining?

    Slavery is freedumb, and people like this embrace their freedumb.

  2. Meaning–Since the “unvaxxed” will have to be HOME SCHOOLED or sent to a private school somewhere else (if they can afford it), then I’d say they likely will actually be EDUCATED, while the vaxxed (unless they die off that is) will likely wind up dumber than they were when they started “school”….good one, Bowser! Now that’s a WOWSER!
    Enjoy your CRT and DIE and ESG, future communists aka Satanists…if you don’t die from the vaxx first…..

  3. Yes, ultimately a good thing for the children, that they won’t be “subjected” to commie indoctrination anymore. But this sends the masses the message that the ‘unvaccinated’ can be discriminated against, can be excluded at will, can have their rights trampled on. It says, “We have the power to punish and banish.” Sick, disillusioned bast*rds living with a false sense of superiority!!

    On a side note concerning another assault… I just heard Jerome Powell (remember him?) say that they’re working on lowering inflation but unfortunately their methods will hurt those who are already struggling the most. So who are they lowering it for? Oh that’s right, the super rich. Bye-bye middle class. It’s kings and paupers, that is unless we stop it.



  4. so no taxation without representation, these kids not going to public schools , the parents and home owners can stop paying tax money to the school systems , right? RIGHT!!!

    This is called Discrimination, and maybe the system needs its ass sued off? and to spend a few years in our bullshit court system

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