20 thoughts on “No Word From the Trenches

  1. Haven’t had that displeasure for many, many years (don’t need them anymore).

    You have my heartfelt sympathy, Henry. 🙁

        1. LOL… thanks, Angel… it’s GOT to be Curly/Larry/Moe. 🙂

          Shemp & Joe just didn’t cut the mustard like Curly.

  2. That reminds of a root canal I had.

    Off note … canal is… anal with a c in front of it.

    The dentist .. she kept asking me if I was ok.

    After stabbing me in my orifice.

    Do you know how hard it is to say…

    If you do that again. ..

    I’m going to kick your fkg azz.

    With a clamp and gauze in your mouth choking.

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