8 thoughts on “No Word From The Trenches Live Broadcast Today

  1. Feel better soon, Henry. There’s so much stress runnin’ around today, all worsened by those who are upholding the sick and evil system. There’s The Talmud Train, and there’s Biden’s Socialist Train, and The Trump Train, and The Tucker Train, and The Train Holding Those Who Can Only Focus On Tragedies At Sea and somehow NOT see the tragedy of tyranny and the trampling of our only hope, our Bill of Rights. Yeah, there’s also The UFO/Alien Train, riding closely near-by to The Flat Earth Train. And the Climate Express ain’t far behind those. Oh, we can’t forget The Tranny Train, or The Scamdemic Train. Man, all these supposedly “fast-forward,” cutting edge trains goin’ everywhere, except to rescue children being horribly abused in so many horrendous ways. Feel better soon, Henry!! We got trains to stop. BANKER TRAINS!!! COMMUNIST TRAINS!!!


  2. Take good care of your gut buddies and they will take good care of you. Start sending the pure, hydrating, whole foods through your gut. A big, healthy, colorful, fatty salad, no grain, no bread, no refined sugar. Salmon will help boost your omega 3s and protein from eggs will also help. Some plain yogurt with low sugar for dessert to help bring your gut and the rest of your body back into balance. You also deserve your good nights sleep and some rejuvenation time. I took a crash course on nutrition and metabolism this month because my doc diagnosed me with diabetes and I refuse to take the pharma pills. I learned a lot and I am winning this nutrition war, so maybe this might help you get better, too.

    1. Yes agreed! When you see the train of cars in line at RONALD MCDONALDS … you just shake your head and wonder, How can people eat that kind of shit and survive!! What is in that shit they crave so bad!!!!???

      1. The way that sh*t they call food is processed and packaged, chemicals from their plastic containers leach into the “food” which also contains high levels of sodium and other chemicals which interfere with our metaboliic processes so we are not only not properly digesting it, we are storing it as fat which the mitochondria in our cells and the bacteria that lives in our gut can not break down. It can not be dissolved through our metabolism, so it piles up as fat! When it piles up as fat within and around our organs including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart and even the brain, we get sick! One of the things I learned about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is that they both begin with insulin resistance which is caused by too much fructose being delivered by the insulin in our bodies, to the cells. The cells become over loaded with sugar and when they can no longer tolerate any more, they tell the insulin to go away. The glucose that powers cells like our brain cells can no longer enter those cells which shuts down energy needed by the brain to function. Meanwhile, toxic fat continues to build up and when the fat cells become too big, they burst, and now, the body is plagued with inflammation. The sugars and fats in all kinds of toxic sh*t they call food, are highly addictive. The food industry has made bank off of this addictive nature of breakfast cereals, fast foods, canned foods and ultra-processed foods in boxes and bags. I also learned that most grain based foods contain glyphosate, and corn fed beef also contains it! Mercury is also a neuro toxin that we need to be careful of. The best seafood with the lowest mercury levels is salmon and shrimp. Those 2 seafoods are good for brain health.

        I cleaned up my food lifestyle a month ago. I do not need the metformin pills which would otherwise have enriched big pharma and kept me sick. All I needed to do was learn, un-learn and learn again, from the best functional medicine experts I was able to find, and in less than 1 month with only 12 days using the pills, my glucose levels were stable and normal again. No more pills!

  3. Hit the Banks and the Banker Trains hard!! Unsecured debt?? Dont fckg pay… because if everybody did this it will cause them huge problems!! Broken down printing presses stressed to the limits smokin hot… HITNTHEM HARD RIGHT IN THE GUT!!!!!!!!!

    1. Then hit them with no payments all at once.. when the time is right, it will create a financial shtstorm. Central Banks IMO are our biggest enemy. They love wartime scenarios…. WE THE PEOPLE CAN HURT THEM THIS WAY. Create financial chaos We are at war We need to win this war!!!

      1. And we have the story of the toy submarine with billionaires on board, who went down, which ties in with the ultra-rich men who went down with the Titanic, which was used to dispose of the old financial order while creating a huge story of distraction as the “Creature From Jeckyl Island” took over with the new, treasonous financial order, established on Dec. 23, 1913! They’re rubbing more of their propagandistic dog shit into our faces with that one!

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