No Word From The Trenches Live Broadcast Today 4-19-23

I have a conference with my cardiologist today, so I will not be broadcasting today.

The Word From The Trenches live broadcast will resume tomorrow at the normal time.



4 thoughts on “No Word From The Trenches Live Broadcast Today 4-19-23

      1. Hi Hal, just a heads up If you go to PATRIOT BROADCAST ARCHIVES : Date 4/19/17 & listen to the first minute or so of the broadcast you will hear your answer directly out of Henrys mouth. The date never changes just like Memorial Day being on the 5/30/

      2. After some research it appears that some folks in some states celebrate Patriots Day on the closest Monday to the 19th of April of any year. Do you know of any other very special or important days in united States of America this Rule applies ? This is how they ” OY OY ” sabotaged our Patriots Day by deliberately not giving it an exact Day to be celebrated or followed on & create confusion. I as well as most folks celebrate Patriots Day April 19th no matter what.

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