No Word From the Trenches Today

There will be no broadcast today, our internet server is down in our area and the broadcast computer refuses to accept our mobile wi-fi.

We will be up tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “No Word From the Trenches Today

  1. BUMMER! 🙁

    Just got to library, the wi-fi at the apt. was USELESS this morning… couldn’t get online at all.

    Now that I’m here, guess I’ll see what’s ‘new & exciting’ (never a dull moment around FTT) to send in, post some comments, and then maybe go fishing. The first batch of smoked fish turned out nice, and I already have enough for another batch, but… fishin’ fishin’.

    1. “… our internet server is down in our area…”

      Hope this isn’t a sign of something more nefarious, Henry.

  2. Do not know how “rural remote” you are Henry but out here in my neck of the desert/woods, no wifi or even internet is SOP–unless you have METERED satellite internet which, with all the freakin’ ads on nearly every website that exists taking up all that data, is not an option for us anymore…

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