Northern Europe Blanketed by Ice and Snow

Northern Europe is experiencing brutal winter weather.  Snow and freezing temperatures have stranded thousands of travelers as flights both in and out of London’s Heathrow Airport are being canceled.   The ice is also apparently affecting rail service.  The storms have been so severe that the transportation agencies have been unable to clear the snow and ice from the runways and rails, leaving many travelers frustrated and angry.

Officials said a five-inch snowfall in one hour Saturday left Heathrow blanketed in snow, and subsequent swings in temperature led to an extensive ice buildup around aircraft parked on the ground. Officials also said “every available” staff member and several hundred additional contractors are trying to get the airport moving again.

Considering the weather in Europe and the vicious winter we are experiencing here in the United States one would have to ask, “What happened to global warming?”  It is indeed fascinating how the issue of global warming dominated the mainstream news for two years, only to disappear as fast as it came on the scene.

The fact is global warming was being pushed to accomplish the Kyoto Treaty, which would have brought about the buying and selling of carbon credits, which would have created a new industry and further enriched the international corporations at the expense of American workers.  I guess you just can’t sell the idea of global warming during a mini ice age.

A couple of week ago, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura did a piece on his series Conspiracy Theory concerning the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  During the investigation Governor Ventura and his staff uncovered documents and witnesses that seemed to indicate a cover up.  It was discovered that there are millions of gallons of oil resting just beneath the surface of the waters in the Gulf and that this fact is being covered up by the big corporations, not only responsible for the spill but for the failure to adequately clean it up.

So you are probably asking what this has to do with the weather in Europe.   Scientists interviewed as a part of the conspiracy piece put forth the idea that the submerged oil would disrupt the Gulf Stream Current which flows across the Atlantic and into the English Channel.  The heat generated allows Great Britain to enjoy a fairly mild climate despite the fact that it is located so far north.

The scientists who talked to Ventura said that if the flow was interrupted by the oil, it would cause a mini ice age such as the one experience during the 1700s and 1800s.  They further stated that the question as to whether the Gulf Stream had been interrupted or not would be answered in observing the weather in Northern Europe.

Now, if all of this was really happening, surely that information would be put out to the general public….or would it?  Lawsuits have been filed against British Petroleum alleging negligence as the cause for the spill.  If the negligence is proved BP would be responsible for all damages caused, which leaves one to wonder what a mini ice age would cost.  It would seem that if there was even a possibility of Great Britain being affected by the oil spill they would send scientists to confirm the situation and act accordingly.

About two weeks before the gulf oil disaster a lot of rich internationalists suddenly sold their interests in BP, one of which was Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, cousin to Queen Elizabeth II.  If it could be shown that the interested parties were aware that the spill was preordained and actually allowed to happen, all of those who sold their interests in the company to distance themselves from the crime, could be held legally liable.

How would it be if Great Britain and the Netherlands, and maybe Canada and Australia had to be put on the auction block in order to pay the rest of the world back for the damages done?  Not to worry, I’m sure they would start a third world war just to change the subject before they would ever let that happen.

However, if the winters keep getting longer and the summers shorter, I guess we can all figure that once again, we have been screwed by the gold and diamond encrusted, fickle finger of fate.

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