Not allowed a table at USS Liberty Memorial Public Library

Sent to us by Bob from Wisconsin.

I just got back from Grafton Wisconsin, today June 5th 2017 @12:15 pm. I met with the director of the USS Liberty Memorial Public Library.

The same director that said I could set up a table in the Memorial room two weeks ago.

Now he says I can’t do that. The excuse being he would only allow information from certain parties, coincidentally not the ones I have information from. That’s what I figured would happen.  

I gave him three pamphlets of the five different ones that I intended to pass out for free. I asked him to reconsider after I had found a copy of one of my pamphlets in an archival folder left by Liberty survivors that I was going through and taking photos of. No go, he has an agenda, no information allowed.

He also explained to me that the library makes available USS liberty books that are more in line with the government’s conclusion.

I also asked that the main door to the memorial room be kept open on June 8th. He almost agreed to that. I don’t think there is any intention of doing so.

I explained that if the doors are not open, no one would know this exhibit is even here.

I stated that when I came to the library two weeks ago, I had no clue that the memorial room existed. He showed agreement to that statement.

In conclusion: I believe the libraries stance is to minimize public exposure to the USS Liberty Memorial room and to not do anything that brings attention to the memorial or its history.

The director stated to me that the libraries intention is to not open old wounds.

The library did however set up a table and wrote on a chalkboard. The memorial room is behind the double doors pictured.

So, that’s where it stands. This is a very good example of how history is modified to suit those who have the power to do so.

Dave Gahary plans to be at the library in September. I would think it would be related to the effort to make a movie about the Liberty. I told Dave I’d attend if I were invited.

If you have any suggestions as to where I go from here, Please let me know.

I’m looking for ways to inform people of the library. Maybe some will come on the 50th anniversary if they knew.

Thanks, Bob

6 thoughts on “Not allowed a table at USS Liberty Memorial Public Library

  1. What a nation of sheep. Afraid to cross on a green light without a WALK signal, afraid of their own shadows.

    1. But they probably WILL have story hour for the kids with the tranny’s.

      Thanks for the work and info, Bob. Great job.

      1. Right. That’s what got me going on this. Not only didn’t I know about the library but when I found out all they had planned was a book discussion group on “the underground Railway” on the Liberty anniversary
        date, June 8th. The best we can hope for now, is a heavy turnout at the library, then the visitors need to demand to see the Memorial room. The director will open the doors. People will see the truth about the library, and how the management wants to keep it out of the publics eye. Oh no we might hurt the jews feelings. That is, what all the secrecy is about. Too bad

  2. If the library director goes to church, you’ll never win. Church-goers have been brainwashed into believing Jews are the “chosen people” and to defend Israel at all costs…Not interested in truth.
    His remark to you (“more in-line with government’s conclusions”) strongly reminds me of Winston Smith’s work in the story, “1984”…to edit the history books in favor of Big Brother.
    We can now all see who Big Brother truly is…and he resides in Tel Aviv.

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