November Recovery Right on Schedule

388,000 more workers filed new unemployment claims this week and this is being hailed as a sure sign that we are in a recovery.  Question: What are we recovering from?  Remember we have been out of the recession since June of 2010.  Corporations have been and are making record profits.  Again, what are we recovering from?

Weren’t we in a recovery this time last year?  Has recovery become like a season?  Every fall during the harvest and Christmas commerce season we recover and then in the spring we have to pay for the recovery, you know, for all the Christmas gifts charged on credit cards.  And of course all the temporary jobs have ended and these people who will re-file for unemployment will have their numbers used to hide the fact that another million have lost their unemployment benefits at 99 weeks.

By this time our dollar will be devaluated by another 5%, meaning housing, food, and utilities will rise by 5% and that 5% raise will be reflected as consumer spending.  At this point the people will be saying, “Is this really a recovery?”  I know this because this is what they said last year.  There will be a little bump in the recovery in the springtime due to the spring planting and the temporary jobs they represent.

By June the weekly new filings will be up around 400,000 again.  This is when we all sit around and scratch our heads and say, “How in the hell could the unemployment rate be down to 8.7%?”

Then around about the 4th of July, a cry will be heard throughout the land.  “God damn it, they did it to us again.”  You know, like last year.  What is it going to take for everyone to see that we are wiping our arses on a hula hoop, never getting anywhere as the stench grows stronger?  I really think the people out there, who believe the numbers being put out by the mainstream propaganda machine are true, are few and far in between.

The fact is by the time the 4th of July rolls around, the corporate mafia cartels will have stolen another trillion dollars worth of our resources, which they can pick up at their own convenience.  In fact we will subsidize the labor force of another company to extract the resources through a big fat stimulus disguised as a jobs program. Now the government will pay the corporation $1.1 million to procure a $40,000 per year job for a person who is going to work at a reduced wage, as he or she is competing with labor either brought in through visa programs or simply trucked across our southern border in bulk.

People; the only presidential candidate promising anything other than more of this mass psychosis is Dr. Ron Paul.  He is the only person talking to us that is truly in control of his faculties.  All the rest are bad actors and prominent members of the 1%.  And Obama, well you have to say he got the equivalent of the Academy Award when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The corporate elite have to be running scared at this point.  The protests have not ceased and in fact have grown substantially, and still our people refuse to riot, which is what our enemies want us to do.  We hold the moral high ground and our enemies are making mistakes in their desperation.  If we keep our heads together and preserve our individuality at all costs, we cannot be defeated.  If they push to violence we will push back and the superiority of our numbers cannot be denied.

We will reinstate our Republic under our Constitution with freedom, justice, liberty, and prosperity to all of the American people of the American race when we elect Dr. Ron Paul as President in 2012.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I have yet to talk to a single individual that believes there has been any recovery since 2008. The powers that be believe that by spewing their lies on their bought news networks, it justifies their theft, regardless of whether anyone believes it or not. They choose to believe that their lies are the truth, I guess it helps them sleep at night. One way or another, this nonsense is coming to an end in 2012.

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