NWO Slavery Depends on the Smartphone

Henry Makow – by JS

Almost every aspect of the satanic NWO agenda depends on the smartphone and our voluntary use of it.

Be it the planned Certificate Of Vaccination ID (COVID) (for restricted mobility), central bank digital currencies (to abolish anonymous cash payments), social credit score (for behavioural monitoring), carbon footprint or personal data like driving license, fingerprints, travel documents, digital ID, all the control data is and will be centralized and saved on the smartphone.

The smartphone spies on us by continuously collecting data about current and past location, shopping habits, social habits, the kind of news we consume, political attitude, personal interests, contact tracing, and so much more and sends it to the big tech companies, above all the provider of the smartphones operating system which is either google (android) or apple and which save and file every information for a future particular purpose which will not be benevolent.

It manipulates us and shapes our perception by the constant stream of fake push news, it distracts us from the real world with oh so funny little games and needless info from (anti)social networks, it isolates us from each other and it destroys basic human communication as it is so much easier to send some stupid text messages than to talk face to face or voice to voice.

With every app we download and use we give up more of our freedom and personal liberty and dehumanize ourselves. We voluntarily put a digital chain around our necks and pull it tighter and tighter.

The smartphone is THE lynchpin of the erection of the satanic nwo (and lynch they will us if we don’t resist). It’s the most important and most powerful tool to enslave us as it collects perpetually all of our through phone number personalized data and thoughts to give it to those that want to turn us into remote controlled zombots.

Without everybody carrying around a smartphone, the NWO would be dead by tomorrow and they know that. That’s why they want to chip us all as it’s hard to get rid of a device inside the body while it’s easy to just throw away a smartphone.

A smartphone is not a smartphone it’s a Slavephone and only slaves are available 24/7. Life without a smartphone is not only possible and much easier than many people think it is the most effective way to free our minds again and bring down the NWO.

It might be objected that the smartphone has so many features and functions that it has become indispensable by now but what exactly is it indispensable for?

>Personally, I know of no function that would be indispensable and I never heard about a feature or function that would be essential for survival.

The most common apps are nothing but fun and games and distraction which makes us weak dumb brain-dead and paralyzed. Smartphones for the masses exist for a mere 15 years now, the first iphone was released 2007. How did we get along all the time without a smartphone?

No, smartphones are not indispensable at all. Perhaps they were even released for the sole purpose of connecting us to the worldwide hostile AI grid and they got us and made us addicted with all those gratis apps which are in effect certainly not without charge at all.

With the usage of our smartphones we ourselves provide the hardware infrastructure and the personalized datastream that tptb need to impose their desired NWO on us. Every smartphone is a tentacle of the mind gobbling AI beast that lures us into the trap of enslavement.

Smash it crash it drop it dump it. Your smartphone is not your friend and it’s not there to serve you; it’s here to enslave you. It’s a killer with a pretty face. Nobody actually needs that crap it’s made to make us sell our freedom and our souls for a handful of gaudy glass beads.


Disclaimer: To be fair, I have an old smartphone which I bought several years ago for job reasons. I use it now elusively for the rare case of online banking as it makes not much of a difference anymore whether I type the numbers on my keyboard at home or at the internet connected service terminal at the bank. Our bank accounts run on the internet anyway. Second purpose is the phone number which I give to those who I don’t want to have my landline number. Every two or three days or so I take it out of the metal box where I store it for the sake of radiation and check if anybody left a message on the mailbox. En route I have an even older dumb phone without a SIM card (Police and Ambulance connection also work without SIM card) in the glove box of my car for emergency use.

I miss nothing.

Henry  Makow

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