Obama administration to destroy 6-ton ivory stockpile

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The Obama administration is set to pulverize 6 tons of ivory with a rock crusher in a bid to send a worldwide message that the U.S. does not accept poaching.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will crush the ivory – which includes raw and carved tusks, ornaments and jewelry seized over the past 25 years — on Nov. 14 at the national wildlife repository in Denver, according to TIME.  

“We are taking an important step next week, Daniel Ashe, the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said Tuesday. “We’re doing that in the hopes of raising the profile of this issue and also to try to inspire other nations around the world to deal with their stockpiles.”

The ivory crushing will be America’s first, but it only represents a fraction of the ivory that is available on the global market, TIME reports.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora said in 2011 illegal trade of ivory was at its highest level in two decades, fueled by demand from areas like East Asia and the involvement of criminal groups. Ivory trade generates an annual revenue of around $10 billion.

The African Conservation Act, passed by Congress in 1989, has largely banned imports and exports of ivory in the U.S., with shipments being seized at borders and ports.

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6 thoughts on “Obama administration to destroy 6-ton ivory stockpile

  1. Yea right. You can bet that obama has the choicest nicest carved peices of the bunch of ivory for himself before it is all crushed…. Talk about a big f`n waste. How obama thinks makes me think that he is partying with his choom gang again.

    1. digger,
      EVERYTHING coming out of Obama’s mouth, and from his administration, is pure lies and deception. I’d bet what “change” I have left that this Ivory has already been sold to the highest bidder, and the monies shared amongst Obama and his friends who had the connections to sell it. Fake Ivory will then be brought in to show, on film, the destruction of this hoard.

      1. HAHAHA LOL. Oh yea Michael, I am very sure that most know that what comes out of any politicions mouth is nothing but lies and deception. Remember that those in politics/govt. and any other place that gets paid a govt. pay check does not have to follow any law that they do not want to. They will never admit to that but just look at what they always do and get away with when you or I would be thrown in the slammer for life.

    1. Aw geeze, I got to say it Nottoobitter but obama will probobly just package up all of that ivory powder and sell it as a erotic sexual love potient to his homeland in Kenya. LOL

  2. If the government put all that ivory on the market, the price of ivory would go so low that it would not be worth the bother to poach elephants.

    The government with this destruction just sent to price of ivory through the roof and the friend of “O” will make a killing on the price spike of the ivory that IS in the market.

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