Obama set to murder millions

Published on Apr 30, 2014 by  David Vose

Euthanasia in America is here and there is apparently nothing you can do about it. Americans are going to stand back and let this happen because they cannot believe it could happen here. But, it is, and it happened in Germany too, just a few years ago. The same people who set that system up are now present in our Government setting up the new death camps. This little video will document whats actually going on. You will not believe any of this until you watch the video. After you watch it, more than half of you still won’t believe it. That is what they are hoping for. If they can deceive the Majority of America they can get through their death camps and martial law will begin. I am trying to help you understand whats about to occur, I hope you will take this seriously, if you don’t it is probably over for us all. If you do understand whats about to happen, you have only one choice left. You MUST tell everyone you know, you must be more committed to this than the occult is to deceiving you. Will you share this video with as many people as you have on your buddy list. Of course you will share it with your family, you definitely want them to be aware, this might save there life. We all must become obsessed with teaching and telling others. If we stand up, all of us, we might be able to turn our country around. Lets not allow these illuminati puppets back in to our government.

5 thoughts on “Obama set to murder millions

  1. Thanks for posting digger. Yep, the unelected king is going to love us to death. I never had any doubt. I read a book a few months ago called “Dominatus” by D.W. Ulsterman which is basically from the DHS insider from Hagman I believe. It gave the reader a hellish view of life under Obammy in the future with the UN under control of the U.S., and drone strikes on Americans who resisted. It also highlighted how many deaths would result under O Bammy care. I wish there was a way to send you a copy. But I swear, after reading it, it feels as if the book was a blueprint rather than a fictional scenario.

  2. I couldn’t get past the jew lies about the holohoax, and if beck had a part in this I’m glad I turned it off!

  3. I don’t trust Beck for an instant. He’s a deceiver leading the sheep down a dead end.


  4. I’d say by now there are likely millions set to murder Obummer.

    IF they could just get their hands on the sorry POS, that is.

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