Obama’s and the Illegal’s Dream – United States’ Nightmare

The White House released new details yesterday in reference to Obama’s unconstitutional executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal invaders, the so called “dreamers”.  All these criminals have to do is say they entered the United States before the age of sixteen and attended a US school and they can apply for a two year work visa that can be renewed indefinitely.

It was specifically noted that should it be found out that one of these invaders has committed identity theft and used the social security number of a US national, well that’s all right they are forgiven and will be given every benefit our country has to offer.  Of course a US national busted for identity theft and using someone else’s Social Security number still goes to jail.

This is an outrage and we should not tolerate it.  When those entrusted with judicial responsibility refuse to enforce the laws of we the people, it is our right and our duty to enforce those laws ourselves, including the arrest, prosecution, and punishment of every traitor aiding in this international insurgency for the capture of the United States and the enslavement of its nationals.

It has become clear that these sleazy slime socialists, though lacking the intestinal fortitude to face us in battle, will worm and maneuver, lie, cheat, and steal, in their effort to destroy our sovereignty and capture our wealth, using a third world UN slave army.  Well it is not going to happen.

All peoples around the world had better take note.  If you come to the United States of America wearing the UN blue, you are not going home.  We will not let you.  You will die here and your bones will bleach upon our soil.  This country belongs to us and we are prepared to defend it against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

This tyranny in the United States is going to end in a most uncivilized way.  So any foreigners contemplating forcing the will of the United Nations upon the American people of the American race had better think twice and check history to see how we treat with an enemy in war.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s and the Illegal’s Dream – United States’ Nightmare

  1. Good morning Henry: What my plan for those that want to come to America is to Micro chip every one of them, then put them on the hot seat for Monsantos testing of GMO`s, have them all perforn comunity service for the first year of being over hear,- 40 hr. min per week, NO GOVT. BENEFITS,and when these are completed – how about a 3 yr. min in over sea`s military service. These are just a few ideas of mine just for starters Until our country is given back to we the people we all should just stop paying state, federal, and SSI taxes – after all isn`t the tax`s supposed to be for the benefit of the American people and not for some political agenda to brown nose with some foreigner. Oh yea, make it a FELONY FOR SPEAKING IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE in public with mandatory deportation if caught Also – not a one of them can obtain a drivers licence until all the above stip. are completely fulfilled. I think this Pres.? is only buying votes by allowing these foreigners over here I think, and every citizen is taking up the slack and paying for it in more ways than one.

    1. How about we kick out the ones that are here and put an moratorium on growth until every American national who wants to work has a living wage?

      1. thats a great idea, here in New Mexico that would mean that we would loose 500,000 people……. most of which are on the dole……


  2. As I see it the earth is a circle when it is viewed from a great distance, each person in a minor reflection of the earth occupies their own circle. The entire population of the planet if they were placed in Australia would each have 1 acre of land.

    From this viewpoint there is little need for aggression towards our neighbors. There is plenty of land to cater for all, the pie is so enormous, the wealth available to each is so vast that no one alive should be without ample work, food or recreation.

    The enemy of human kind or better put kind humans are the occult forces, the zionists that do only the devils work, they use secretive symbols such as the all seeing eye. Look at your dollar bill, look at the Olympic lighting, the graphics for the Olympics which are the bringing together of all nations for sports activities – the 2012 logo by design reads ZION. These evil psychopaths of the art of CONTROL from several millennia know how to channel humans into endless wars, into perpetual slavery and into despair and great poverty for the vast majority of all people on this earth. False Flag events are their trade marks for promoting their next tyranny all designed to further rob mankind.

    The enemy are not your neighbors, they are not the people of Iran, India, Italy, Ireland, Iraq, Indonesia, Iceland or even the deluded nation of DOG (spelled backwards)’s unchosen of Israel either. They suffer from the same CONTROL by these parasites of the occult.

    The so called leaders of the world are all puppets being CONTROLLED by these spawns of the devil. All of our money is CONTROLLED by these vile creatures – they create all paper money and charge a usury for its use. The IRS collects their dues for them via our taxes that pay the notional usury charge on the national debt to these parasite scum.

    They are the enemy, they are our greedy lawmakers, our pathetic whores of politicians, the gotta rob a pocket or two (trillion) banking parasite elite of London/ Wall Street, the lazy sham educationalists, the deluded churches and the ultra slick Bilderburg corporatist elite that poison our minds via their media propaganda, that poison our foods, our water and our earth with fluoride, with toxic chemicals and with genetically modified seeds. They are the psychopaths of all greed on earth that worship only the fascist Devil of Zion, these 0.1% that destroy mind and the soul as well as most lives in order to extend their system of CONTROL.

    Ron Paul and the Constitution are the Key to unlocking their control, to ending their thousands of Fascist LAWS, their FED, IRS, DHS, the insane funding for their NATO aggression against kind humans, the arch zionist headquarters of the UN, the putrid Zionist state of Israel. Ron Paul and the Constitution are the key to freeing mankind from these occult forces so that we and each of our neighbors can begin to live and work without the oppressive demonic CONTROL from the Government of Zion.

    Christ understood, Ghandi understood, JFK understood, MLK understood. Now you can also understand the enemy by standing back.

    Be aware of the big C’s of the zionists which are Control, Conspiracy, and Conflict.

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