Obama’s Back Dated & Forged Selective Service Form Hits Washington Times in Full Page Ad

m05-wtnw12092013-obamadraftcardforged-withhdrFreedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

Someone has finally decided to put out Barack Obama’s forged documents in some mainstream papers. On Monday, CDR Charles Kerchner (Retired) took out a full page ad in the Washington Time to make people aware of the fraudulent documents of Barack Hussein Obama, specifically his back dated and forged selective service form.

Kerchner’s ad appeared on page 5 of the Washington Times National Weekly and included a large copy of Barack Obama’s Selective Service form, along with various URLs to other pertinent information on the various forgeries of Obama’s documents.  


If you thought Kerchner was done with only one ad dealing with Obama’s Selective Service form, you would be mistaken. He also dealt with John Boehner.

Kerchner blasted House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who apparently has taken a similar stand to that of Markwayne Mullins, who said he believes that Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud, but doesn’t “give a sh*t.”

Mr. Kerchner wrote:

To House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner – We the People Have Been Repeatedly Asked You To Act:  Are you living up to your oath to support and defend the Constitution from domestic enemies? Are you doing your job as the leader of the People’s House and protecting We the People from a fraud in the White House?  It is time for you to launch congressional investigations into Obama’s forged ID documents or at least get out of the way and stopping blocking those in Congress who wish to do that. You’ve office was been given a Sheriff’s Kit by Mike Volin and his team during their visit to Washington DC last week which presents the evidence compiled from a two year investigation by the Sheriff’s Department of Maricopa County AZ (which includes Phoenix). The evidence proves federal felony document crimes have been committed!  Speaker Boehner, are you living up to your solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution from domestic enemies? Are you the leader of the People’s House and protecting We the People from a national fraud being perpetrated on the nation?  It is time for you to do your duty and launch a Select Committee to publicly in open hearing in Congress investigate the ongoing fraud and the crimes being perpetrated by Barack Obama. If you will not do that, then step down and get out of the way.  We the People demand it!

He then included another full page ad in which he wrote a “Dear John” letter that he believed Lady Liberty would pen if she was able, calling him on the very things he wrote above.


Herchner included links to Arizona Chief Investigator Michael Zullo’s sworn affidavit attesting to the fact that Obama’s documents have been forged, as well as documentation provided by Debbie Schlussel that Obama’s Selective Service registration is a fraud.

The pressure continues to build, however, don’t expect establishment Republicans to get on board. After all, they this is really no big deal and they are ready to roll over in bed with the Democrats as they have already shown. However, there is hope that some Tea Party representatives, like Steve Stockman, who do believe there is validity to the information and want to see a serious inquiry for the public’s best interest. Stockman even passed out copies of Articles of Impeachment to every House member earlier this year.

Contact your representative or senator today and let them know you want this issue investigated and resolved, including impeachment and removal from office of Barack Hussein Obama if necessary.

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s Back Dated & Forged Selective Service Form Hits Washington Times in Full Page Ad

  1. Excuse my cynicism but lady Liberty sounds like she can’t move on without John.
    F*ck John.
    He’s a two timing lying piece of sh*t out for nothing but his own pocketbook and the pocketbook of his friends, of which lady Liberty is not .
    He got the letter.
    Think he cares?

  2. 1. You can print Obama’s forged documents on the cover of every magazine in the country and world, but without someone grabbing Barry’s foreign Kenyan ass out of the White House by force, NOTHING is going to happen! A simple, “Yea, we all know. So what?” followed by the same White House staff and Obama himself saying, “Yea, so what? It’s not like you’re going to do anything. But, hey remember Nelson Mendela and what a great guy he was?”

    Welcome to REAL life!

    2. This article is bullshit. Yes, blame Boehner too, and make him do something and tell all of your friends to write Dear John letters to him to do something as if that’s going to help.


    By the way, did you get the infamous automated email response after you sent him the information? If that doesn’t insult you, then I don’t know what will.

    Honestly, I know some people are slower than others, but I’m so far past this annoying, naive “let’s go write and talk to Congress and our politicians and ask them to listen to us” bullshit, I just wanna skip to the part where we hang all of their asses for high treason.

    Enough bullshit! It’s high time we had ourselves a hanging!

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