4 thoughts on “Obama’s ICE Prison Break

  1. As long as those in the bowels of our society who consider themselves above the law and beyond reproach suffer no consequences for their actions, this kind of thing will not only continue but tend to worsen over time.
    Anyone still looking for the cartel in DC to do anything to benefit the American people is deluding themselves. Of course there are millions now who are to some extend dependent upon the criminal regime for their sustenance because illegal labor has taken so many opportunities away from them.
    The enemy is not outside the country.Anyone who swore an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic is violating that oath every single day. The worst enemies of this nation are roosting in the capital and various outposts around the nation. We all know they are. We know who they work for. And still they preen and primp and strut around like some maniacal peacock on crack.
    And what exactly is being done about it? Nothing. Voting is a joke. Protests are just another way to entertain the very people you have issue with. Carrying a sign gives them something to laugh at.. And writing blog posts might give people something to do, but it changes not one thing.
    In Texas there is memorial to the battle which took place at the Alamo, this happened when there were men of honor and courage in the nation. Today the country is being invaded and what is the response? Fear, cowardice in the face of the enemy, and turning away so as not to see what we each have allowed and in fact paid for. Yes we support this with every penny we allow to be stolen from us.
    Hope and Change? Yeah we got change, how is it working for you? And what a wonderful psyop put a black man in office so people can be called racist if they disagree with the fascist policies and dictates that spew forth as a result. America is far worse off than it was before he was placed in office.
    So yes there are thousands more criminals running around loose because every day we allow it continue. when one of them comes into your house and harms your family who are you going to blame? I suggest looking for that person in the closest mirror. The chances that Americans will prevent this from getting worse are less than zero right now.
    So puff out your chest, fly your flag and I promise not to tell anyone that you are hiding under the bed.

  2. Hitler emptied the jails of violent and mentally ill prisoners and inmates, justifying this measure as necessary to usher in his Sturmabteilung (SA) “rough action” squads, as a pretext to legitimizing police thugs followed by the creation of the SS and the Gestapo.

    Presidents have a Constitutional duty to protect American citizens from all enemies, foreign or domestic. Obama clearly has violated his oath of office. By ordering the release of violent criminals, he is allowing harm to come to American citizens, thus, justifying his immediate removal from office and criminal charges. Moreover, intentionally creating harms when holding public office is known as malfeasance of office.

    When Cuba let loose their violent Marielito criminals and we took them in without adequate vetting, the chaos that followed their path in America was unbelievable. That is not to say that all Marielitos coming to America were hardened criminals, because they were not. But many were, and they caused incredible harm to this country.

    Obama is not dumping excess population without means into this country like Fidel Castro did. He is deliberately dumping on the streets foreign criminals, many guilty of crimes of violence.

    This is the most incredible act of any recent sitting president, unless you want to consider that Obama prides himself on killing people by remote control. There is a difference between waging war and being a murderer. By any legal definition, when any person kills an American citizen or an innocent bystander without due process of law or by a deliberate act of war, then that person is a murderer or a war criminal.

    So, then what is Obama when he lets loose an army of foreign criminals upon Americans? Arguably, any actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the parent nation can be considered the act of a traitor.

    Draw your own conclusions…

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