New app pokes fun at Bunkerville standoff

A screen grab of Digi Sky Media's "Bundy Ranch Shootout." (Kristen Kidman/FOX5)Fox 5 Vegas

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – The standoff between Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management was no laughing matter, and the showdown may not be over.

However, that didn’t stop a local app developer from having a little fun with the situation.

The free app, Bundy Ranch Shootout, pits Bundy against agents of the “Federal Bureau of Cows.”  

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“Poking fun at it is a way of melting the ice, and poking fun at the situation helps us digest it and understand it,” said Ryan Drewrey with Digi Sky Media, the app’s creator.

“We tried to make it non-offensive in [every] way. We renamed the federal agents so we weren’t poking fun at a specific government agency,” Drewrey continued.

Drewrey said the game has received a great deal of feedback, good and bad.

“There was a retired BLM agent that said the game was silly, not funny and very irresponsible,” he said. “As long as they’re interested in watching a news story about the Bundy ranch, you’d probably be interested in playing the game.”

Drewrey said the app has been downloaded hundreds of times.

4 thoughts on “New app pokes fun at Bunkerville standoff

  1. Don’t download that crap.
    It’s just designed to get your
    cell number, and file it as belonging
    to a domestic terrorist.
    Without question, you download that
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    visit, sooner rather than later.

    1. Don’t freak, but you can’t get any more blacklisted by the so-called ‘government’ than by posting on this site.

      F$%k ’em.

  2. I think its stupid and irresponsible

    this isnt a dam joke whats going on in this country , and how we are all being enslaved each and every day

  3. He says he changed the names so as to not offend anyone. The blm became the federal bureau of cows and the person fighting the government is called Cliven Bundy?
    What a fag.
    in the game you use woman to defend your self?
    what a fag
    he describes his game as “fantastic”
    what a fag
    and he uses taxes as the reason it started at all…
    what a FAG

    Nice job spelling you FAG.
    Did you pay for that shirt or did it come free after your 1,000,000th time giving bj’s in the mens room?

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