Obituary – Jeffrey Allen Shivley

Jeffrey A. Shivley, age 57 years, passed away in the early morning of Sunday, June 14, 2020. Jeff fought a hard battle with a very aggressive form of esophageal cancer.

He was born at the Queen of Angels Hospital, Los Angeles in 1963 and shortly thereafter relocated to Oregon with his family where he was a lifelong resident of Chiloquin. He attended Chiloquin schools to the 7th grade, then worked his first job at a truck stop in Bly. 

Jeff loved all music and he was an accomplished heavy metal guitarist and song writer. He taught a select few the instrument of which he loved, his father having given him the gift of music.

Jeff preformed with several different bands over a twenty year period before falling victim to epilepsy, but still continued to work with different musicians whom he had performed with over his life. Music was the soul of Jeff’s being. He left many of his own creations written and recorded that will allow him to live on for eternity.

Having grown up in the home of a master mechanic, Jeff was adept quite efficiently in the field of mechanics. He was always ready to help a friend or a stranger, even in difficult situations.

The center of his world was his beloved wife of thirty years (Jeffrey Allen Shivley married Delhea Marie Curtis on July 14, 1990), his two children, his numerous nephews and nieces, brothers and sisters. There was no better time than the family outings, camping, hunting, fishing, sitting around a bonfire at night playing acoustic guitar and singing with his family and friends.

In the end equation he preferred a smile to a frown and a laugh to a tear. Even at the end, Jeff was more concerned about the pain his family was enduring than that he faced himself. The numerous people whose life he affected are too many to list. They are going to need a moment to learn how to go on without him.

Jeffrey is survived by his wife Delhea Shivley, daughter Danah Shivley, her boyfriend Kellen Anabel, son Cameron Darrell Shivley, sister Pamela Anderson, sister Carla Moreno, brother and sister-in-law Henry and Laura Shivley, sister and brother-in-law Maria and Casey Miller, nieces and nephews Frances, Joey, Mark, Jamie, Chris, Jesse, Bill, Travis, Luther, and Azuri, and eleven great nieces and nephews, band mates Kevin Pelletier, Randy Simantel, and Joseph Dupris, and far more than can be named here who addressed him as brother or uncle.

Jeffrey was preceded in death by younger brother Mark Wayne Shivley, father Henry Owen Shivley Sr., mother Dorcile Shivley, and band mate Joseph Russo.

Jeffrey will be cremated and a celebration of his life will be announced and occur in the early fall.

In lieu of flowers, condolences can be sent to P.O. Box 153, Chiloquin, Oregon, 97624.

28 thoughts on “Obituary – Jeffrey Allen Shivley

  1. Families come together piece by piece in joy and celebration.
    When they come apart it too is piece by piece in great sadness at first then with heart held memories, celebration of a life that brought many moments of joy to each of the family. Love to you all.

  2. From what I heard from Henry, Jeffrey went through a living hell in the end, Henry and family was right there through it all. People, what was witnessed by everybody was akin to witnessing torture until the very end. Just be grateful for our good health, what is left of it anyway, Jeffrey went through something that you would only see in a horror movie, just be as kind as possible to your loved ones, cherish life, because with cancer, there are no prisoners.

    Help each other as much as possible, life is too goddamed short. The treasonous scumbags we are dealing with now giggle with each other while hearing of this, lets make it goddamn clear the laughter stops with us. Jeffrey didn’t have to go like this, he did because some POS thought his life was more important than Jeffrey’s, putting Jeffery in harms way; this shit stops now, with us..

    You are all heros, stand tall and walk strong..let it be known its a new day..

  3. Dam
    He was born same year as I
    And I have lost all my buddies mostly due to cancers
    There’s something wrong with this
    No one should be saying good bye to a 57 year old
    All the buddies I have lost we’re all a few years younger than me
    I am the oldest of the crew

    I’m so sorry for your loss Henry
    No one should be going through this at that age

  4. Cancer has taken far too many lives, including my dad’s. Jeff was taken away from a beautiful life far too soon. When I see tombstones in a cemetery from the 1700’s and 1800’s, the dates show that an average person died in their thirties or forties, but now with chem-trails, GMO’s, poisoned air, water and food combined with 5G will probably have us all dead sooner than later.

  5. “In the end equation he preferred a smile to a frown and a laugh to a tear. Even at the end, Jeff was more concerned about the pain his family was enduring than that he faced himself. The numerous people whose life he affected are too many to list. They are going to need a moment to learn how to go on without him.”
    Wow! This is such a beautiful statement about a man. It is obvious he put others first; no better way to live life. Must run in the family as one of the “survived by” being Henry, is a man who I consider with the same exceptional qualities.
    Sorry such a fine man is gone too soon, yet again, anytime would be too soon to lose such a man.

  6. For Henry and Jeff,

    I got real sick yesterday, felt the pain of a good man that went away
    Felt the pain of his family and friends, it really hurts when a life comes to the end
    And although- I never knew the man, I feel his brother’s pain the best that I can
    Yes it hurts, theres no words, it takes love and time to heal the wounds
    And even then, you’ll look back- when, you were jammin’ out with Jeff and your friends
    It leaves a hole, another hole, the endless pain that conditions one’s soul
    To feel love, to look above, cry like a baby in a world of insanity
    But you’ll emerge, silent words, soon vocalized for the world to hear
    Meantime, here’s my love, you’re a good man, try to rest up the best you can
    Well I’ll be going now, I’m walking with you bro, even though I’m somebody you don’t even know
    But I know you, you taught me too, to be a man the best that I can be
    So I’ll say thanks, and goodbye, just let it out, because real men cry…


    1. Thanks, Bob. Galen summed it up perfectly what you’ve written. It’s good to be a real man. You love and fight for who and what is nearest and dearest to you with all your heart and soul, you grieve til you’re all dried out and can’t anymore and you kill what needs killing when it need be done to stop the other 2 from happening if you can.

  7. I just wanted to share my condolences and also thank you Henry (and all who are involved) for the insights you have given me through your daily radio show that I follow from scandinavia (archived). I hope you heal, as good as one can, soon enough. I truly miss your know how and passion that I have grown accustomed to.

  8. Sorry for your loss Shivley family. I know personally how cancer takes our loved ones way to early as it took my dad at 54.
    Rest in peace, in Jesus name amen.

  9. Very sorry to hear this, my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Shively family. The pain of losing someone, especially so young, is terrible and scars your soul.

    1. Almost killed me twice, hoax is a funny way of putting it, they took 14 inches of my large intestine, that wasn’t a hoax.

      Cancer is real chief, not a hoax..

  10. He is my husband, and I am humbled by your heart felt sorrow. I do agree he was to young to be stolen from us. The world lost an honest loving man who would lay down his life for that which he believed in, honesty family and the right to be free in body spirit and soul. I love you so much it hurts. I will walk with you arm and arm again…..
    Happy birthday my love.

    1. Love and strength to you Delhea. Seems you knew and loved the best of us. That’s a journey worth celebrating.



  11. I remember many weekends spent at your house junior, over several years. Hanging out and up to no good, cruising K-Falls, camping and everything. You and Jeff were like Bo and Luke Duke I swear. Just a couple good old boys, and I don’t believe I ever saw Jeff with anything other than a grin on his face and a joke ready to go. It wasn’t possible to just be friends with one of you and not the other, you were brothers in deep sense that I got to be part of. The Jeff I knew was simply a good guy, of course I hold that to be true of any Shively I knew.

    1. Thank you, brother. I guess time and distance will never come between close friends. You and Jeff did also stand up with me when Laura and I were married. We did have some excellent times.
      Send me your address to my email and I’ll send you some of our wedding pictures that will make you feel old but will also bring back good memories.
      Sure would like to see you again. If you get the chance to travel here you know you will be welcome like the brother you are to me, and hey, who knows, we might just go out and do a little crazy shit just like the old days. It would be awesome and Jeff would be there in spirit if not in body. I do miss him and will until the day I die. Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Your friend,

      1. 1225 s. Telluride st. Aurora CO. 80017. My phone number is 1 720 900 7289. You call or write anytime brother, I’m retired I got nuttin else goin’ on.

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