0 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Continues

  1. Does anyone actually believe the crap that Romney is spewing?!?

    Romney says he wants all Americans to be rich

    September 22, 2011 — ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says he wants everyone to be rich but isn’t comfortable defining that threshold.

    The Republican presidential contender said during a debate on Thursday that he wants all Americans to have the same opportunities to build wealth while President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party wants to raise taxes on wealthy workers and give that money to poorer Americans.

    Romney is a retired business executive who has a vast personal fortune. He says he has the background to help jumpstart the struggling U.S. economy. Romney says his experience creating jobs in the private sector has prepared him for the presidency.

    Romney says the middle-income families have been the worst hit under Obama and his economic plan would help them.

    1. Does anyone believe the crap this guy hands out?

      Good question! But then how many bought that “hope and change” s***? And…”yes we can”! What? We can what? Continue pounding the American people into the ground? Then there was “trickle down economics”…what’s that…crumbs and scraps from the king’s table? Trickle? How about “flow”? Ever tried to wash your car with a trickling garden hose?


      I’m afraid most human beings just aren’t very bright.

      Who knows?

  2. They’re starting to arrest people with cameras now. Since the mainstreet propaganda media has been instructed not cover this event by the Bilderberg scum bags, we have to rely on live feeds from other sources. Many videos to choose from to check out the goings on at the Wall Street protest.


    more here as well. Tear gas being used now.

    “At least four arrested, one for shooting photos UPDATE: At least three more arrested, tear gas fired at protesters

    Posted 1 hour ago by OccupyWallSt

    We have at least four arrests today during a community march, a fifth arrest is suspected but police will not confirm.

    A legal observer attempting to contact an arrested member was not allowed to due to “an emergency situation,” we are currently unsure of what this means. At least one arrest was due to a protester taking photographs. At least one protester’s possessions have not been returned.

    Please call the first precinct, central booking and the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information and urge them to release these peaceful protesters.

    First precinct: +1 (212) 334-0611
    Central booking: +1 (212) 374-3921
    Deputy Commissioner of Public Information: +1 (646) 610-6700

    UPDATE: At least another three arrested. Reports of police kettling protesters and firing tear gas into the crowd.”


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