Remember the 5th of November and the Double Dip Depression

Do you remember the 5th of November?  Apparently Occupy Wall Street protesters are being arrested for wearing Guy Fawkes masks, also they are not being allowed to protest on Wall Street as police have put up barricades to stop them.  I guess the people of New York are getting a crash course education on the United States police state.

The people of New York pay for the maintenance of Wall Street, police protection and fire protection, but in this land of unalienable rights these citizens are paying for the suspension of the Constitution on Wall Street and the police, whose salaries they are paying, equate to nothing more than private security for a group of international thieves who have stolen $30 trillion from the American people.

I wonder how it would be if a million New Yorkers showed up at the police barricades on Wall Street on November 5th wearing Guy Fawkes masks and carrying Louisville Sluggers.  Do you think they would try to arrest one million people?  And if they did, would there be enough jail space to hold them?  Well actually what you would probably see is a Northcom 3,000 soldier immediate response team appear on the scene.  And in reality this government of freedom and liberty has ready FEMA camps capable of holding 7 million of us.

So what if ten million people showed up with their guns and Guy Fawkes masks on?  The point here is we have the numbers to overwhelm our enemies.  All we need is a common reason and a call to rally, and a denial of the Constitutional right of the New Yorkers to protest on Wall Street is as good a reason as any.

Take note:  Yesterday so called Iranian-Americans were allowed to protest right out in front of the UN where Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was speaking.  Apparently freedom of speech in the United States is now conditional to the composition of those wanting to protest, the subject matter, and/or the person or event they are protesting.

Iranian-Americans, huh?  I say they are not Iranians because if they were in Iran they would be executed for treason.  And they damn sure are not Americans because they put Iranian before American.  Just another example of the communist infiltration through multi-culturalism.  But not to worry, there are more than enough red blooded Americans of the American race in the United States to drive all the foreigners out and the awakening of the American people is coming to an apex.

Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and no truer words were ever spoken.  The international corporate mafia has made a bold attempt to divide and conquer us.  But that attempt is now failing in every quarter, as their attempt to erase the culture of the American people of the American race through dumbing us down and rewriting our history has failed, as we the people are gravitating back toward our beloved Constitution, which is acting like a magnet drawing all the pieces back together, reforming the foundation and the pillars that will support the house reunited.

Then all that will be left for us to do is to roll up our sleeves and sweep our streets clean of the trash that has accumulated here from around the world.  The one world order and the one world economy has failed.

We must bring our resources and our military back within our borders.  We have everything here our people need to survive.  We do not need the rest of the world and should isolate ourselves from them until they too cleanse themselves of the international scum.  Then and only then, we can begin trade again, and only trade that is to the advantage of the people of this country, instead of a handful of international corporate elitists who have based themselves here so they can suck out our resources.

Our country can and will prosper again, though just how we are going to accomplish this feat and win is yet to be determined.  Personally I say it is time to get with the program and as this government does not like the Guy Fawkes mask, I think I’m going to get me one.  In fact I think every citizen who is fed up with this treason should order one.  And who knows, some day in the very near future the 4th of July could be moved to the 5th of November and we can all stand out beneath the cool night sky watching the fireworks and chanting, “Do you remember?”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Famous quotes are not always presented because someone respects the author,but rather because there is in their nature an intrinsic truth that history cannot deny.Here are three that come to mind: “It is the good fortune of Governments that people do not think.”-Adolph Hitler “There is none so hopelessly enslaved as he who falsely believes he is free.” -Goethe “The power is in the streets”-Vladimir Lenin

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