Officers Escalate Situation in San Luis, CO

Sent to us by Chris who said, “I have the Costilla County 2016 budget on PDF and here is a video of the small riot it caused in our tiny little town of San Luis Colorado. I guess we are tired of it.”

Costilla County 2016 Budget: please read

Published on Sep 17, 2015 by Chloe Everhart

This is the video of the chaos after the County Commissioners’ meeting on 9/15/15. It includes some of the footage of Neale Taylor getting arrested. See for yourself what happened that day. Was a seated man with his hands on the windowsill a threat?

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3 thoughts on “Officers Escalate Situation in San Luis, CO

  1. 2 years ago the BLM came out and took all the wild horses, now the county has changed the land use permit requirements and are hassling a bunch of off grid people who moved way out to be left alone, could affect 100s of people looking to live off grid as cheaply as possible and can’t afford to fight. Their tax $$ is going to pay for their eviction by unelected bureaucrats. Now these poor people get hit with a 15k+ budget for AK’s and crap in order to be policed. Also the new people who are moving in to possibly grow Marijuana are mostly white, which is really upsetting the balance in this mostly Mexican area. I bet the court is filled with fatass deputy rodriguez revenue generating efforts. Thanks for running this, I found a bunch more stuff on YT from Alex Ansary. This place they are talking about Costilla County is super remote, like the place you go to be as far away from a city as one could get. I almost moved out there and homesteaded myself but found better fortune.

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