7 thoughts on “Ohio – Neil Young

  1. People wonder how I could tell mostly all of my so called people/freinds to go jump. Well, in the video it say the it is unclear if the national guard shot to kill on their own accord or if they were given orders to do that. My comparison as to why I told my ex friend to F off is because I asked them – being honorably discharged solgers – if they would shoot to killamericans on american soil and they said if asked to do so that they would and that is why I told every one of those traitors to F off – and I would tell them that again. All of my friends were solgiers except for only 3 of them and of those three I only associate with 1 of them 🙁 . Kind of why I say us Trenchers here are family.

  2. Digger you are a better man for standing up for what is right. It seems to me that people don’t have convictions any more. Their like reeds in the wind. They give in to what ever direction the wind blows.

  3. I was thinking of this song a dew days ago, and I wondered why we don’t have a song for the four people now being killed every week.

    Of course, the song’s probably been written, but you’ll never hear it on the radio.

    1. Thanks Angel, Yes Four murdered and nine injured for no reason and once again not one person even so much as investigated for this sensless act of murder by the National Guard not even one to this day 44 years later 🙁

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