Open Letter to the Sheriffs of Washington State

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In the last few months, the citizens of Washington State have come under fire from both state and federal officials.  They have been subject to everything from surveillance to being viewed through the scope of a sniper’s rifle—manned by a fellow citizen.  The people have appealed to the governor to no avail.  According to Governor Inslee’s office, he has no jurisdiction over the federal authorities who seek to subvert liberty and control the populace.  He is incorrect, but the People accept that he is complicit in the criminal enslavement of the citizens.  

The governor was served a list of grievances by We the People on 7 February 2015.  Each of those grievances constitutes a crime against the People, and against the founding documents of the state and our nation.  He ignored those grievances and did nothing.  On 25 February 2015 a citizen of Washington State was illegally arrested, detained, and interrogated as a domestic terrorist by federal officials who ignored his rights secured by the rule of law.  The governor refused to stand and serve the citizens of his state as he swore to do, instead submitting himself and the people of this state as subjects to an overreaching federal government.  On 9 March 2015, he was again called to task and the People demanded that he uphold his oath to protect and maintain the rights of the People as secured by the Constitution.  Again, the governor chose to ignore this letter and in doing so, ignored the will of the People, and their unalienable rights.

It is for this reason that the people of Washington State now appeal to the sheriffs, as the senior law enforcement official in each county.  When the system fails, it becomes their utmost duty to stand and uphold the law.  It is obvious that the system of  Constitutional law has failed; at every turn we see the blatant and gross violation of the most basic of the People’s rights.  The government is bound by the Constitution to be accountable to the People; they derive their powers from the consent of the governed.  We, the people of Washington State, reiterate our withdrawal of this consent in light of the government’s refusal to honor the limits to their power and the unlimited rights of the People.

Washington State law lays out the general duties of the county sheriff:

The sheriff is the chief executive officer and conservator of the peace of the county. In the execution of his office, he and his deputies:

(1) Shall arrest and commit to prison all persons who break the peace, or attempt to break it, and all persons guilty of public offenses;

Federal officials broke the peace by illegally and publicly arresting and detaining a citizen who had not committed a crime.

(2) Shall defend the county against those who, by riot or otherwise, endanger the public peace or safety;

Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson deprived the citizens of their ability to defend themselves by imposing her personal will through an illegal rule that violated their unalienable right.  In doing so, she endangered the public and safety of the people.

(3) Shall execute the process and orders of the courts of justice or judicial officers, when delivered for that purpose, according to law;

The sheriffs are duty-bound to stand and deliver the judge, the Homeland Security agent, the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, and the United States Marshal involved in this illegal arrest to justice.

(4) Shall execute all warrants delivered for that purpose by other public officers, according to the provisions of particular statutes;

Since the Judiciary of the State of Washington is complicit in these crimes and refuses to prosecute or hold accountable the persons responsible, We the People demand that the sheriffs put forth warrants for their arrest.

(5) Shall attend the sessions of the courts of record held within the county, and obey their lawful orders or directions;

Because the orders and directions of the courts are unlawful and criminal in nature, it is the duty of the sheriffs to act on behalf of the Constitution and the citizens of Washington State.

(6) Shall keep and preserve the peace in their respective counties, and quiet and suppress all affrays, riots, unlawful assemblies and insurrections, for which purpose, and for the service of process in civil or criminal cases, and in apprehending or securing any person for felony or breach of the peace, they may call to their aid such persons, or power of their county as they may deem necessary.

United States Code 18 § 242 speaks very plainly about the crime of depriving the people of their rights.  The marshal, agents, and the judge used the color of law to deprive the People; this is punishable by a year in prison.  They also, together with the snipers on the rooftops in Spokane on 6 March, used deadly force to attempt to impose their will on the People and deprive them of their rights; this is punishable by ten years in prison.  By illegally arresting and detaining citizens they have engaged in kidnapping; this is a crime punishable by life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

It is the duty of the sheriffs to apprehend and secure these people for the felony crime of depriving the People of their rights under the Constitution.  As the state law makes clear, the sheriff can call upon the people and the power of their respective counties for assistance in performing their duties.  If called upon, We the People will support them…in any way necessary.

We the People will no longer allow our government to treat us as subjects.  We are free men, we will act as such, and we will be treated as such.  We will hold accountable those criminals and tyrants in our government who seek to subjugate and control us. We demand that you, the sheriffs of Washington State, stand and perform your duties in accordance with the state law, the state constitution, and the Constitution of the United States of America.  If you do not, it will show that you, too, are complicit in the destruction of liberty, and therefore are its enemy.

We remain non-violent, we remain principled and peaceful, but make no mistake:

These abuses of our liberties will end now.

We will not comply.


Liberty for All:
Kit Lange
Anthony Bosworth
Maria Bosworth
and the Patriots of Washington

We Stand.

One thought on “Open Letter to the Sheriffs of Washington State

  1. Don’t expect the “official” Washington State Militia to come to the rescue anytime soon. They’ve been compromised from the ground on down for some time now. I trust the ninja’d up local Sheriffs more than those clowns. For being the stalwart champions & defenders of the Washington state & national U.S constitutions & the rights enumerated therein, they sure don’t take kindly to folks speaking their minds-or even joking around for that matter. I had the distinct pleasure one fine, moist n’ mist shrouded PacNW morning of getting warmly welcomed, booted, graciously let back into their nurturing arms, once again banished to the urchin worlds, “featured” then blocked post-haste into all eternity for ONE single blog post & a curt re-tort & questioning of their actions….I had a few members contact me to say it takes ALOT for that to happen & that they don’t ever remember anyone ever getting that treatment, they asked if I was a f*#kstick but if I am just retarded that I’d fit right in & I answered in the affirmative on the latter…..Either I’m terribly effective n’ efficient @ pissin people off, my coffee too strong &/or my blood was up on a topic? That, or they just flat plain need to grow, beg, borrow or shoplift a sense of humor?……Keep it up Henry/JD/Trenchers! Loooooooong time lurker, figured it’s time for me to creep outta the closet.

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