Operation Payback

Supporters of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, continued their cyber attacks today.  Those orchestrating the attacks have dubbed the actions, “Operation Payback”, which some in the mainstream media are calling “Information Anarchy.”

Julian Assange is a world socialist who is associated with various socialist groups.  Some are even trying to affiliate him with a conspiracy to enact new cyber security powers designed to take total control over the internet.

In the last month the FBI has sought out and assisted two potential terrorists in building bombs which actually were not bombs.  And when the fools attempted to detonate these non-bombs they were taken into custody and charged with terrorism.

I have wondered since the beginning of the WikiLeaks situation how this lowly private was able to foil our security systems and obtain the information that he turned over to WikiLeaks.  Now I’m wondering is it possible that the private could be like those young Arabs who were assisted in building their non-bombs.

When the FBI chose the Arabs to be targeted for their sting operations what did they do?  They sought out idealists and made what might have been very complicated for them to accomplish an easy task.  Again, the private that leaked the information to WikiLeaks was an idealist and evidently the crime he committed was not that difficult to pull off.

So has Julian Assange been targeted for his ideals and assisted in creating a “bomb” and when he pushes the button to explode the “bomb” will the bang be loud enough to usher in the Cybersecurity Act and Chinese style communist censorship?  It leaves one to wonder and if you believe the aforementioned to be a plausible reality, what position do you take that doesn’t play right into the hands of your enemies?

As a Constitutional idealist one would have to defend Mr. Assange’s rights under the First Amendment absolutely.  But what if, in defending his First Amendment right, you cause that “bomb” to go off which causes the total annihilation of the First Amendment in shutting down the internet to a free exchange of information?

If someone has the answer to this conundrum please outline it in the comment’s section, as I would truly like to know.

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