Orlando Massacre Shows Cracks In U.S. Bid To Stop Terrorism

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WEB Notes: Use common sense. As side from words, how has the United States remotely tried to stop terrorism? The wars in the middle east are causing more and more terrorism. That is a fact, just look at what is transpiring over there. The US actions are not making anything better. Instead we see them funding terrorist factions who they call the good rebels. This is simply used as a cover. Look at our nation. We leave the south border open and invite people to come over illegally. We bring over thousands of immigrants from the middle east who know of nothing but war for the most part. This is not wise policy for a healthy nation and you should expect no less when the children of Satan run your nation.

The FBI let the Orlando mass-shooting suspect slip through its grasp despite interviewing him twice since 2013 due to a lack of evidence to hold him, a troubling fact that will pressure officials struggling to detect lone terrorists without eroding basic civil liberties.

The FBI is investigating Sunday’s killing spree at a gay dance club in Orlando, Florida, as an act of terrorism after 29-year-old shooting suspect Omar Mateen killed 50 people using an assault weapon and a handgun. Mateen, who called 9-1-1 as he began the assault to claim allegiance to Islamic State, was killed in a shootout with police.

Source: Orlando Massacre Shows Cracks in U.S. Bid to Stop Terrorism – Bloomberg Politics

World Events and the Bible

5 thoughts on “Orlando Massacre Shows Cracks In U.S. Bid To Stop Terrorism

  1. clearly this was a false flag, Brandon, and I was suspicious from the get-go…fundamentalist Muslims, who hate homosexuality and homosexuals (don’t they get beheaded in Saudi Arabia for that?), would never go into a gay bar or night club or venue just to shoot up a bunch of gays (for one thing, if there are enough gays in there, these shooters would likely get “contaminated” by one or more gays, or they’d throw up what with all the “gayness” going on!). What folks who would love to shoot up a bunch of gays would have done instead was do whatever they were going to do from the outside or do something to the place when it was closed.

    No. This wasn’t about killing gays. This was about just another false flag to take away our guns and further the cause of totalitarianism.

    I wonder if that actor guy (forget his name, too infamous!) from Sandy Hoax was there as well…

  2. “The FBI is investigating Sunday’s killing spree at a gay dance club in Orlando,…”


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