Drone Spies On Sunbathing Woman, Looks Through Apartment Windows, Then Falls Out Of The Sky

Infowars – by Steve Watson

A stark example of how dangerous and invasive drone technology can be was provided when a small hobbyist drone was recently found to have buzzed around Florida capturing images of people’s apartment windows and even a bikini clad sunbather, before dropping out of the sky and crashing into a tree.  

The rotor propelled drone was obtained by Florida news organisation WKMG-TV, where reporters reviewed roughly two hours of footage shot by an attached GoPro camera.

WKMG-TV’s report states:

[…] you can see each flight starts innocently enough. But you can see the potential for bad behavior.
In one shot, the drone races toward an apartment window, getting within feet of the glass.

In another shot, the drone hovers over a female sunbather at a pool. She’s completely unaware that it’s there, and she never looks up.

But the scariest shot of all shows the drone wobbling high over I-4 as cars zoom by down below. The drivers have no idea that the drone was out of control at that point, and only seconds away from crashing.

The station was able to find the owner of the drone who pleaded innocence, stating “The only thing I want to do is essentially record a flight, put some music on it, and put it on YouTube.”

The man said that an electrical fault caused him to lose control of the drone. He also admitted that the case provides a clear example of how the technology can be misused and could lead to harm.

“If someone does do something stupid, they’re the bad apple, the bad egg. They’re the exception, they’re not the vast majority of us. The vast majority of us just do this for fun.” he told reporters.

WKMG showed the footage from the drone to State Representative Dana Young (R-Tampa) who told the reporters that it makes her “want to go back and look at the law we passed last year, and see if there are ways to tweak it.”

The current law governing drones in Florida does not apply to hobbyists flying small UAVs.

Despite the clear dangers and privacy issues concerning drones, a recent survey shows that two thirds of Americans support the use of unmanned spy drones for “homeland security missions,” despite the fact that such missions will include identifying gun owners and tracking the location of individuals via their cellphones, according to government documents.

The poll, conducted by the Institute for Homeland Security Solutions (IHSS), a research consortium led by RTI International, shows that 67% of Americans support the use of unmanned spy drones for “homeland security missions,” and that 63% support their use in “fighting crime”.

As we reported in April, the DHS is testing a number of different drones at a scientific research facility in Oklahoma that have sensors capable of detecting whether a person is armed. A promotional video for the Shadowhawk drone depicts the UAV being used to spy on a private gun sale.

CNet’s Declan McCullagh also obtained government documents which show how the DHS is customizing Predator drones originally designated for overseas military operations “to carry out at-home surveillance tasks that have civil libertarians worried: identifying civilians carrying guns and tracking their cell phones.”

Experts predict that there will be 30,000 surveillance drones in American skies by 2020 following a bill passed last year by Congress that permits the use of unmanned aerial spy vehicles on domestic soil.

Last week, FBI director Robert Mueller told Congress that the agency was already using drones for surveillance on U.S. soil on a limited scale.

Recently released FAA documents show that the FBI has received clearance to conduct surveillance drone operations inside the U.S. on at least four occasions since 2010.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.


26 thoughts on “Drone Spies On Sunbathing Woman, Looks Through Apartment Windows, Then Falls Out Of The Sky

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have them the size of a fly or gnat now. It may be that even while evacuating your bowels (I call it sending Obama to Cuba) they will see your every move. Who knows maybe even fly in and do a colonoscopy? It would certainly be less painful.

  2. I would love to see some of these polls as they are not indicative of the peoples general mood by any sense and the pollsters are usually asked to supply a “genuine” result in a certain flavour.

    So say this poll that says 2/3rds of Americans support drone use for “security”, which people are used? Usually a pool of about 2000 is used as a guide but when you consider there are millions, the error chance ratio is so much it could be that the polling company managed to find 2000 people supporting something that the majority of the rest do not.

    Secondly, on what basis is the questioning made? What time, or event? Consider this question being asked on Sept 10 with all the bleeding heart and hype being played across the media, would that answer from that person be the same in February or just before Christmas? What form of questioning as well can be crucial, in that “Do you support drone use for security” is a question after a cleverly crafted leading question before designed to evoke guilt or emotion. Consider this as a way and means “Government statistics show that drone use makes everyone safer” as a statement and then you are asked the very polar question “Do you think drones should be used for making America secure”?

    No one ever questions these polls but they are treated as verbatim by the people but no one ever gets to see how these polls are formulated, the secret lists of people who are likely to sway one way or the other, in short these polls will say EXACTLY what the person paying wants them to say.

    1. Manipulation? You bet. I think of Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer being used on citizens brains before questioning. It reminds me of finding a pick-up for an overnighter in a bar (in my past) – If the right words are used and sweetly delivered she is normally game for the plan. It is clear manipulation and I have to say that is it the LIBERAL MEDIA that is most guilty of these so -called poll findings, they make the supreme lying sack-o-shit B.H.Obama prouder each day.

  3. Good one RT. I just don`t believe that 67% of Americans support the use of drones for any reason. They are, I think a violation of privacy. Yea, this perv. just wanted to take pictures of women. Isn`t there a law against window peepers? I can see where someone will someday use one of these drones as a flying “C4” weapon, I can also see where some drug drealer will out fit a drone to be able to fly a oz. or two with some coke and fly it over the border oreven just use the drone to deal drugs in a small town.

    1. It’s illegal you know? Jail time is an unsavory thought. I prefer to live clean and beyond reproach myself, walking with Christ Jesus daily, it just feels better this way. I strongly suggest it.

      1. I bet that that good ole Jesus would be apaulled useing drones and all of this spying that the cops and the govt. does.

        1. He is not only appalled but PISSED dude~! Remember He is coming back with a “Rod Of Iron” to weasel slap the devil and the wicked. Therefore I say REPENT now while you are above ground a breathing, come to Christ and quit sinning, read the Word every day, ask God for Wisdom and the ability to Overcome the world. Be Saved and among those found Righteous on Judgement Day~!

          1. Aw man Timothy, I believe in God for sure. I just do not believe in “group religeon”.

          2. Well diggerdan I don’t trust organized religion “so” much either. I read the Bible and study it profusely. Matter of fact I find it very hard to locate a decent preacher who knows what he is talking about. The very good thing about regularly attending a Church is the friends you meet and grow to love as family. The Church I attend (fairly regularly) has some seriously sweet folks in it who’ve become like brothers and sisters, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

          3. Digs, I agree with your statement. That’s why I stick to reading the Bible by myself.

            Group religion eventually becomes a cult and the reason being is that like Timothy says, it is hard to find a good preacher who is not a brainwashed sheeple these days and if you go against the preacher’s word, you are looked upon as an outcast by the Communist cult that they have developed in their church.

            So I find it best to do my own study by myself and if good people come by, I will share the word with them.

        2. Digger dan,heres some news that the demons who took an OATH to protect and defend the us constutition forgot about,Zacharias,chapter 5,..the ones who took an oath to god to get their jobs and did lie,oh you lieing whores had better read whats going to happen to YOU,cause your in deep trouble with the LORD…………………………..

    2. Hehe Digger thanks but, the credit goes to Henry and Laura!
      The link I sent in wasn’t good and they found a good one! Thank you Henry and Laura or Laura and Henry 🙂

      I don’t believe the 67% either….just another way for a peeper to get their thrill and all of the other things you mentioned.
      Heck I was just reading abt a festival they are having up in Mi., where they are going to search the people when they enter this year because someone Od’d last year. (I wouldn’t go because of the idea of searching people (TSA).)
      I thought jeeze if someone really wanted to get something in, they could just drone it in.
      No telling what people will come with like you said…….

        1. LOL 😉
          BTW folks, out of respect, it’s not cool to call-out a person’s “given” Name, until after They have chosen to reveal/use it themself (even if it’s a compliment). Some things are not meant (or wanted) to be common knowledge. 🙂
          Just standing up for “Admin.” LOL 🙂

          1. Oops! Sorry! Did think about that after……… 🙁

            I’ma learnin’ ……

            Phew! Had time to edit!
            TY Angel-NYC! 🙂

          2. Wasn’t directed at only you RT. 🙂 I noticed it on Mother’s Day. There were many well-deserved compliments and expressions of gratitude, But…
            not cool.
            I’m a Huge “Admin” fan. 🙂 Don’t have enough words to express my admiration and respect (Henry too, of course). 🙂 🙂 🙂

          3. Totally agree Angel 🙂
            After I posted, I thought hmmm…..
            Just that feeling……… Thought it was too late to edit. TY for the quick post, otherwise wouldn’t have had the time.
            TY Again 🙂

  4. you’d be surprised how many people use technology to commit crimes of rape on women and children. the rapist will threaten to release the tape and the victim never goes to the police. he already shared it with his like minded buddies. they travel in packs now. no matter where you go esp. in the drug world always assume someones watching and listening. and careful getting involved with mexicans illegal or otherwise. they use american men and women, and drugs to lure you in and before you know it you’re in a situation where you’re told either consent or be raped. i know someone this actually happened to. as for the informant program its awash with these sickos!

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