Ottawa 666 .. The Global Leaders Are So Exposed

Wardo Rants

February 9th, 2022.

Just how much of this Canadian trucker convoy a pure psyop?
my rule is .. if it is being pushed it is propaganda .. no matter what side it is coming from.
If the dot connecting the Jewish hand is silenced, its a major RED flag.

6 thoughts on “Ottawa 666 .. The Global Leaders Are So Exposed

  1. They no longer care about exposure
    I’d say a lot of what I’ve seen has been pretty much “ in your face “

  2. I just now had a thought which I would like to share. Brian Peckford, the last man still alive who helped write our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms said that the American Bill of Rights was the model they used. I got to thinking. If this is so, why not simply go to the SOURCE itself and declare the best law of freedom ever written, as the one to live by? It’s really easy to understand and it has no loopholes like section 33, the notwithstanding clause of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If I know the Bill of Rights and carry it everywhere I go, why would I want to know any other law? Why would I want the extra baggage?

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