Our Media, the Modern Day Whores of Babylon

" Is it true, Madame Secretary, that Obamacare is God's gift to the poor and needy ? "Before It’s News – by The Hard Right News

I tuned into CNN this morning to brave some liberal Sunday morning commentary.  Three minutes later I was so nauseous I had to turn the boob tube off.

I’d completely lost any hunger for the cold, lumpy oatmeal that I usually scarf down with relish.  My Sunday morning treat.  Not today.

The media are more than manic over the inauguration tomorrow.  I don’t mean the “manic Monday” sing-song kind of mania.  Snorting a line or coke or pumping up with oxycontin (prescription grade heroin) wouldn’t hold a candle to their extreme mania.  This is clinical-grade mania, the kind that gets you locked away on a funny farm for life.

We love to poke fun of Congress and the inaction of our government, and the vile Washington culture. The media, especially lately, loves to inflame this natural tendency of Americans to mistrust Big Government.  They all do it; every news program, every host, every pundit and every reporter.

The problem is, the media is at least as much to blame as government.  There’s no such thing as honest reporting anymore.  Every column in any newspaper or online media source is replete with implied and openly stated prejudices and political shadings.  Not just editorial columns but every column.

The media has unilaterally elevated themselves to be universal experts on everything.  Every cable TV channel has a stable full of pundits who will blather on about any topic in the world.  Experts on everything.

The REAL experts, the kind with Ph.Ds and 40 years of credentials are sideshows, irrelevant, academic egghead know-it-alls.  Watch any interview with an expert, and notice how the reporter reinterprets everything they say, interrupts them worse than Joe Biden at the debate, and generally replaces everything the experts says with some facile 15-second news bite.

It’s all on the teleprompter, you see.  While the expert struggles to phrase answers to the questions given to him beforehand, the reporter already has the answers and savvy interruptions all ready. Compliments of a nameless staff of thousands who write every word that comes out of their mouth.

Journalists are by definition typists and typesetters.  They spend four years in college learning what the rest of us learn in high school – grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence diagramming.  Journalists reach a minimum level of literacy and suddenly they’re experts in the entire gamut of human experience.

If the media were doing their job and reporting events and nothing but the events, Washington would have to face the music.  They would be shamed into balancing the budget and putting our fiscal house in order.  As it is, the media facilitates the politicians, eggs them on – onward like lemmings over the fiscal cliff.

When the media takes sides and constantly presents a jaundiced perspective to the public they don’t give people a chance to make the right decision in elections.  They make the decision for us.  Even Fox New’s “fair and balanced” approach is highly suspect.

Alas, inauguration weekend is a celebration of the media’s overwhelming control over Washington, from top to bottom.  They control every branch of government; every official, elected, appointed or career civil servant.  They’re all, all of them, partying away in Washington, clinically manic to the point of being permanently orgasmic.

Nero fiddling while Rome burns looks like old Sober Sides himself by comparison.

Narcissism gone amok.


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