Passengers Urged To Undergo TB Testing After Potential Exposure

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Seventy passengers on a weekend flight from Austin to Phoenix are being asked to seek testing for tuberculosis, after a fellow passenger was removed from the plane by health authorities at landing.

U.S. Airways officials say the passenger was initially cleared to fly, but the crew was informed midway through the flight by the Transportation Security Administration that his status was changed to “no fly.”  

Local and federal health officials have not yet confirmed that the passenger was suffering from an infectious disease, but witnesses say they were not allowed to disembark until the man suspected of harboring the illness was masked and removed from the flight.

Here & Now’s Robin Young speaks to infectious disease specialist Dr. William Schaffner, who says the chance of catching tuberculosis if you share a plane with an infected plane passenger is “relatively low.”

5 thoughts on “Passengers Urged To Undergo TB Testing After Potential Exposure

  1. I wonder how they knew this guy was possibly (?) infected.
    Hope the ventilation system in this plane was well maintained.

  2. I don’t know a thing about this story except what I read here, but I’m willing to bet this infected guy comes from south of the border and probably an illegal alien. These people bring in all sorts of diseases from their country.

    1. Is fed-gov now conducting medical false-flags???
      they had forethought about this guy and still let
      him board the plane.

      1. Joe,
        I’d be willing to bet that there is going to be a slew of such incidences in the future, especially at Christmas time. Planes are nothing more than a “flying petri-dish,” and their re-circulating air supply makes for a perfect environment in which to test viruses on an unsuspecting public. This is already taking place, and has been for years.
        I find it quite strange that the passengers in this story HAD to stay aboard UNTIL the suspect was masked. Were “they” trying to get maximum exposure??

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