Paul Ciancia is Taylor Ciancia? Which Instrument did he play? French Horn, Trumpet, Tuba?

Published on Nov 9, 2013 – by The Paulstal Service

It is funny- in this “small” private high school, people can’t remember which band Paul was in, or which instrument he played- confusing him for a French Horn player, a Tuba player (no way you would confuse the curly, small French Horn with the enormous Tuba) and a trumpet player.

Of course- every high school lists the activities you were involved in, and Paul is only listed under “flag football”- no mention of him being in the Band.

Of course, everyone who has ever been in a high school band knows there is a band photo taken – which is conveniently never shown to us in his yearbook (which would clear all of this up)..

Then, we see alleged “people who knew him in the band” who don’t want to be shown on camera and have their voices distorted.

It is very hard to believe that in a small private school people wouldn’t know which instrument he played- The Tuba being very different in size and shape from the French horn, and the trumpet..

Most schools have people playing “chairs” in band- 1st chair, 2nd chair, 3rd chair etc.. but nobody remembers Paul’s chair, which instrument he played, or even which band he was in.

This is a scam- just like Sandy Hook.

We learned at Sandy Hook that Ryan was in fact Adam with a name change- that’s why there was only record of 1 son for the Lanzas, because Ryan was Adam, with a name change- Adam’s photos were just morphs from Ryan’s images- and that’s how school members thought they knew Lanza.

Same thing here- People say they knew Ciancia- because they in fact knew Taylor Ciancia- who was practically the same age, and wasn’t in band.

There is no way in a small private school

1. Nobody would remember exactly which instrument he played.
2. Nobody would remember which band he was in
3. There would be no picture of him in the band
4. In his yearbook photo there would be no reference to him being in the band (even though he was supposedly in band for 4 years)

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