15 thoughts on “People Petition to Confiscate Guns From Tea Party Supporters and Repeal the Second Amendment

  1. ROTFLMMFAO!!! 🙂 🙂
    “I went to Bilderberg 2012” Tee shirt!
    This guy is hilarious! And the sheep never caught on!
    LUVED IT!!

    1. LOL, yea rhumstruck, I`m suprised that as many signed that thing. He`s lucky someone didn`t accidently, hehe, drop that clip board in the ocean there – that was the ocean wasn`t it.

  2. Hey Rhums,Getting back to your brew instructions and the ratios I failed to mention that applebutter is already made at a 2to1 apple to sugar ratio,dont know if you knew this but like for 16 cups of apple you go 8 cups of sugar knowing this does it change your recipe.This is /will be my first attempt at fermenting anything and I just want to give it a fair chance at success.

      1. City dwellers fret not! You don’t have a cheap source of fruit? Just run into your local Winn-Dixie, Publix, walmart, whatever and but frozen concentrated fruit juice. I recommend avoiding citrus juice. It’s a beast to ferment. Citrus in a blend works but the citrus must be less than about 10% per gallon. Four cans of juice, add about 2 pounds of sugar a tablespoon of yeast in a gallon jug top with water put on the air lock and go for it!
        It makes good booze and is great experience for when you can get fresh ingredients!

    1. I enjoy apple butter but have never made it. I didn’t realize that much sugar is added. So to answer you Steve, alcohol is the waste(piss) from active yeast eating its food, sugar. In the primary fermentation the yeast is multiplying faster than rabbits.
      There is a point of diminishing return, but generally the more sugar the higher the alcohol content. There is a whole science to this art that would take a real expert (Hell, I’m just an amateur!) to explain. The higher the alcohol content in the primary fermentation, the higher proof of the distilled product. So, go ahead and try it with out adding more sugar, your next batch try adding the sugar and see which you like better. KEEP A DIARY! Don’t try to remember favorite recipes, write them down as you try them. Before you know it, you’ll be making YOUR SIGNATURE LIKKER and can replicate it at will!
      Just do it, experiment! Try Onion or Garlic or Turnip shine. Make your own V8 juice and ferment and distill it. The tastes are surprisingly good especially onion and garlic. Sounds weird I know. 🙂

      1. Hey Rhums I will start with my base and your basic instructions and modify to taste has been my method of operation for quite sometime,my wifey Rita keeps detailed recipes of all our canning experiments until we reach the “taste” that suits our narrow but highly refined palets.This method has proved invaluable in our sauces and jerky(hope you get to taste my deer jerky one day over a glass of Apple’s butter rum shine most of my friends call me apple) and other canning endeavors.You brought up garlic well it just so happens that I grow what they call Hungarian garlic and it is so tasty I chew the green tops throughout the summer and the bulb itself has the most wonderful taste.anyway thanx again and I hope to give this a try in the near future.

        1. I’m a going to be traveling a lot I think! Well, in a beautiful world that would be possible. But the reality is that we are all strung out all over this nation. All that travel would greatly hamper my agriculture and security.
          This is in no way meant to imply that I wish to remain invisible until I’m heard from no more. NO, no on the contrary. I do look forward to an early summer visit with Digger and Millard who are relatively nearby. I suggest others do likewise, we may find new friends to band with when TSHTF. In fact we may have to band together for security in the aftermath of the war to come.
          Face facts folks, things will never be the same when this is all over! We will go through a rough period of anarchy before settling into tranquility. Safe havens, communities of trusted people will form and some of us will be uprooted and relocated like it or not. So, why not with friends!?
          I’m not sure where that came from, but serious food for thought.

  3. Seriously, this is why America is so f’d up. Damn sheep will always be controlled by a smart canine. The wolves have seduced most of the sheep. They are desperate to hand us sheepdogs our papers (death records) in shame.
    TPTB just don’t realize that a man fighting for his freedom is the a warrior of opportunity, we will not play by any of their rules of war. They think that after training in the sandbox’s of mid-east that they have figured out how to win.
    unfortunately for them, WE THE PEOPLE, the Patriots are not ignorant cavemen with AK-47s. The Krakken is stirring, be prepared!

  4. I’m laughing but at the same time sad and angry. I love Mark Dice’s little surveys and outings. Unfortunately, this one is so sad and shameful that I wanna cry. I mean just look at these people. They are signing and not even listening or knowing what or why they are signing. They are just told to take the pen and sign it as though they are thinking, “Ok as long as you don’t bother me again and I can go on my way, I’ll do whatever you say.” These people are just earnestly signing it without a problem. Complacent and cowardly fools!!! UNFLIPPINBELIEVABLE!!!!

    And the rest of you commenters on here are suddenly talking about recipes and apple pies. WTF??? lol Has FTWR commenters become sheeple too, all of a sudden? It must be contagious or something.

    1. NC, just call it Chicken Soup For the Sovereign Soul!
      It’s a sad state of affairs when we realize that WE THE PEOPLE comprise only about 3-4% of the population. The coming war is going to accomplish one goal of the Georgia Guidestones, a great many of these ignorant fools will perish. Many of our compatriots will also die. Seriously depressing shit.
      So, ask yourself, after an action and any debriefing are you going to sit around and talk about, “Hey did you see that Motherfer’s head explode when I shot him?”
      Or would you unwind by discussing pleasant pastimes, hobbies or favorite recipes and try to blot out the memories of what was done?
      I KNOW the answer to this line of questioning, do you?

      No offense intended, but many of us will be (if not already) scarred by what we will do and see. The rational mind will attempt to erase those memories. But, like a computer hard drive, the brain never lets go of those memories.
      Welcome to the wonderful world of bad memories. When you least expect it, they come back to haunt both your waking and sleeping hours. WELCOME TO HELL.

      1. Hey Rhums Just getting back ,My son Josh was here from hawaii for a one day visit.I agree with your statement on the results of “trauma” on the human head heart and soul whether defensive or aggresive it blemishes all to some extent .Just look att the thousands of returning children(soldiers) who are committing suicide in #s greater than the actual war casualties in the combat zone,yes these fkn war profiteers have destroyed ANOTHER generation here at home plus their “depleted” uranium poisen spread across the world for a few dollars more in war profits and very few seemed to even understand the dire straits facing us but are mesmerized by a little pr#@k with a little missile meanwhile only america has every drooped a nuke on another country,the world is completly insane and I could damn sure use a drink.

  5. Hey N C we was talking about “social lubricant (moonshine ) made with my homemade applebutter into a kindof cinnimon rum.Or dont you figure on being thirsty and ready for a drink with your compatriots when the hard work is done. As far as those dumb ass peckerwoods who signed that petition why would you give those wastes of skin a second thought,they will be of no benefit to any intelligent life so we might as well swap new drink recipes and make no mistake this new apple butter spice rum might just be the best drink ever concocted. All work and nothing good to drink is just not a good situation. LOL

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