Petraeus & Allen, Blomberg & Fritsch: We Have Seen This Movie Before

v. Rundstedt, v. Fritsch, v. BlombergNew Rhodesia Dispatch – by John DeWitt

When the National Socialists took power in Germany in 1933, they quickly carried out the systematic reordering and realignment of the nation’s institutions with their agenda. Business, the press, courts, labor unions, education, the churches, and other nodes of German civil society were all coordinated with the Nazi movement. This process was called the Gleichschaltung.

The Regime is hard at work carrying out our American Gleichschaltung. Local law enforcement is being coopted with DHS/FEMA dollars. Healthcare and state governments are likewise suborned by Obamacare. Finance, too is given a regulatory stick and zero interest rate free money carrot it can’t refuse.

In Germany, the penalties for noncompliance were severe, and they are here too. Take, for instance, the Department of “Justice”‘s recent indictment of rating agency Standard & Poor’s. Like other rating agencies (and the Fed), it got the housing bubble spectacularly wrong. Unlike other rating agencies, it rediscovered its commitment to the truth and downgraded the Regime’s sovereign credit rating in the summer of 2011 after the debt ceiling impasse.

How curious that the rating agency that told even the tiniest bit of truth about Regime insolvency is the one DoJ chooses for targeted killing. Right as we head into fights about the budget sequester. The message to New Rhodesia’s business community couldn’t be clearer: get with the Gleichschaltung or we will kill you. Like the American citizen children killed by drones in Yemen. (By the way, some small portion of the Media Directorate has gone rogue on the Regime and is actually doing serious coverage on the (understatement) unconventional approach to due process inherent in the Emperor’s Drone Force being turned on Americans. For once, good for them.)

By 1938, Hitler was ready to uncloak the next phase of his plan (earlier outlined, interestingly enough, in his own ghostwritten autobiography – how about that!). The only independent remaining center of power in Germany was the Army High Command, led by Generals Blomberg and Fritsch. Blomberg resigned after coordinated media leaks relating to his marriage. Fritsch was put under investigative scrutiny after Reinhard Heydrich’s internal security apparatus leaked rumors they knew to be false that Fritsch was homosexual. Although later cleared, Fritsch was sidelined during the critical run-up to general war in Europe. Until 1945, the German high command was led by General Keitel, a political lackey.

With the Blomberg-Fritsch Affair, the military became the last major German institution to fall to the Gleichschaltung.

American Rhodies, you could have canceled the History Channel 20 years ago and still be bruised by the parallels to Petraeus & Allen beating you over the head.

Regime, we Rhodies tend to be much less ignorant of history than your supporters, and we’re on to the script you’re following from the Dictatorship Field Manual.

Rhodies, the key insight here is that crushing an independent military was the last major Nazi domestic policy project before the onset of general war.

The Regime is crushing the US Military as an independent civil society node (e.g., McChrystal, Petraeus, Allen, Ham, Gaouette,Sinclair). So we have to ask: what general war is the Regime planning?  Disturbing reports of loyalty tests and the well-documented massive DHS and FedGov ammunition and weapons purchases suggest simply this: maybe the general war isn’t going to be overseas.

Continue preparing.  Build capabilities.  Stay watchful.

This is John DeWitt signing off for the American Resistance.  To all the American Rhodies out there, God Bless, and goodnight.


4 thoughts on “Petraeus & Allen, Blomberg & Fritsch: We Have Seen This Movie Before

  1. The new Rhodesia! I love it. That describes the fundamental transformation into Zimbabwe perfectly. Does comrade dear leader the immaculate one have a Mein Kampf? Does the military take an oath to the immaculate dear leader yet? Will the result of all this be a smoldering pile of rubble and a fifty year recovery? (That last one is rhetorical)

  2. And a good thing too. Or the Communists in Germany, would have teken over sooner thant 1945.

    As it is, the years 1933 to at least 1939, were good years for Germany, after they took over their OWN Agencies. Germany was the freest society in Europe at that time, with the highest GNP.

    Until the jealous “god” Churchill looked at it, and decided to destroy Germany. Then he brought in the U.S. to do the hard work. The “Allied wolves, including, the Communist Stalin, finally brought down Germany, and divided the riches. Of course, the Communists got the best part, ALL of East Europe. Life was good, then, eh?

    The Communists. the Chosenites, got what they had wanted in 1933, in the first place.

    And havent’ you learned a lesson? Even Churchill said at the end, looking over the situation: “We slaughtered the wrong pig!”

  3. I worked as a civilian employee for two and one half years inservice to my country. The total inaction by the military in its self imposed rigidity and inaction when action and public input was needed domestically were two main reasons. Killing on orders was the third. The military should have closed down the Bush cabal and placed Obama in a mental hospital to figure out his problem. Operation Mockingbird and NSA general Michael Aquino have been doing this sneaky garbage on the taxpayers’ dime, with sadism, not national security the goal.

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