Phone Outages Concentrated Heavily In The Same Pockets Of America By All These Providers

For a week Sprint had problems with cell service, here in Houston I HAD NO no text no sms no call outs or calls coming in in. Signal was good just was not working for some reason.

People have talked about BUMMER not leaving office did the feds do trials on cutting communications so people can’t communicate if Bummer does something before he leaves.

All News Pipeline – by Susan Duclos

Late last night ANP received an interesting email informing us that Verizon was down in no less than 17 states and that a Verizon tech had told the reader it was pre-paid phones only, but what we found when we started to research these outages is beyond bizarre.  

We found that it was not just Verizon, nor just pre-paid cell phones, but AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile also received significant amounts of reports, and in looking at the outage maps over at Down Detector, each service provider suffered outages which were heavily concentrated in the exact same pockets of America, from coast to coast.

Screen shots of the four outage maps shown below were taken this morning at approximately 9AM ET – Note the similarity and patterns in all four maps in the North East, Florida, Texas, Washington State, and California.





It instantly struck me that the areas suffering the most concentration of widespread communication outages, seemed to be near water, so I pulled up a satellite image of ports in the U.S., and  as seen in the map below, those same areas of heavily concentrated outages from all four of these huge providers, are also the same locations where the U.S. has medium (blue), large (green) and extra large (purple) ports.

(Image taken from World Port Source)

The majority of complaints were of no phone service, and to a lesser extent no mobile Internet data, but we also see a significant percent at T-Mobile and AT&T where there was no service, no network or reception.

The first thing I did was check space weather, but found nothing of note that would be significant enough to cause outages this widespread along coastal areas, nor disrupt satellites that would cause this type of widepsread communications failure.

The second thing I did was contact a trusted ANP source who informed me his prepaid phone also went down, this could only be done at a central location, and it is his belief that this was a test to cause people not to be able to communicate, stating “This is the first thing taken out in any operation – Command, Control, Communication.”


Had this happened only to Verizon this article wouldn’t have been written because a variety of issues could cause a company, even as large as Verizon, to suffer outages even in multiple states, but when we see four of the largest communications providers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all having failures around the same time, heavily concentrated in the same locations, all along both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico where we just happened to have large amounts of ports…… we find it too much to chalk up to simple coincidences.

3 thoughts on “Phone Outages Concentrated Heavily In The Same Pockets Of America By All These Providers

  1. I have Sprint and yes, their coverage has changed in the past month or so. I get little to no data signal when I drive into the city for work. However at home or on the way home, in the rural areas, the signal is fine.

  2. They won’t shut it down , it’s how they are tracking us
    If they shut it down people would leave their little NSA spy device and go on without them and that would defeat the purpose these smart phones were made for in the first place

    I have a theory , they are having signal issues , over flooding of the systems , and satellite issues
    It’s just a matter of time before our government decides to spend more money on the problem so they can go back to monitoring us more effectively

  3. Welcome to my neck of the woods! No cell service, because no cell towers, because they don’t want to put them up in this hodgepodge of mountains…not enough people I guess…it’s all about the money. (BTW, I DO NOT WANT CELL TOWERS OUT HERE!)

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