11 thoughts on “Pitbull Attacks 2 Year Old

  1. Don’t EVER do this, EVER! Treat all Staffordshire Terriers with caution and respect. I lived next door to a breeder growing up and raised them. The dog was establishing dominance over the child, not showing love, and the dog doesn’t know right from wrong. It only takes one time getting bit to understand the jaw strength this breed has and a child cannot protect itself against the simplest playful attack much less an aggressive one.

    1. at first glance I thought who would stand there taping it and not stop it?
      Every pit iv been around is a lover.

  2. HAHA! Bo would never hurt Izaiah! Or any other child for that matter, But don’t even raise a threatening voice toward the boys or he becomes a different animal. Just one of several pits I know that are the very same.
    Bo will die if necessary to protect his kids. 🙂 🙂

    1. I had Rotts. that were the same way, super freindly but really deadly serious. It is mostly how they are brought up and how they are treated, some times genetics, but I think usualy how they were brought up and treated. Beautiful dog there in the video 🙂 . those kind of dogs and other dogs like Rotts., etc. have all gotten a real bad rap. Society really likes to get off demonizing these type of dogs just like they do guns.

      1. And dobies! Before they got so inbred that they became stupid.
        I had one years ago that would scare the turds out of anyone, but if she attacked it would be with a wet sloppy tongue and a doggy hug. 🙂

        1. Ya, I went from dobies to rotts. Now at my age and health prob.s I got me a real mean m f`er bad azzed beagle LOL. Yea he is so bad he will just look at ya and you will melt – 🙂 – and you will know that he wants to be your best freind – as worthless as my beagle is he sure is one sweetheart – not a mean bone in his body. 🙂

  3. Give me a Border Collie any day. Not a fan or Rottweilers, Dobermanns, or Pit Bulls…but have you ever come across a Fila Brasiliera? Hooo Boy! Believe it or not they were bred to hunt humans, specificially, runaway slaves in Brazil…

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