5 thoughts on “Police chiefs from around US testify on growing ISIS threat

  1. How horrific! Anyone who’s got a grudge can fill out a “suspicious activity report” on you. I can see this becoming a serious problem. You can’t read the report, you don’t know who your accuser is, and I feel this will be rife with abuse. Flush more of our Bill of Rights down the toilet. And now we’ll have more pigs out there looking for whatever they think is “suspicious”.

    But, ISIS is behind every tree, under every rock. “Boy’s, let’s currycomb the sagebrush and see if there’s any terrorists in there.” Put up more cameras. We gotta have more cameras, otherwise, the terrorists might get in!

    Everyone be sure to get your flu shot! Otherwise, the terrorist “Zika” virus might get in. Don’t forget to bet a ton of money on the Super Bowl, eat plenty of unhealthy foods, drink to excess, and make a complete ass of yourself! This is Merica!

  2. There was a cartoon drawing on Russia Insider showing uncle sam wearing a scary hand puppet and intimidating Americans with it and them all cringing away but I can’t find it now. That’s how Russians see us and with good reason. That’s what the government does and it works on a lot of sheep out there.

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