2 thoughts on “Police officer needs drunk driver suspect to add up for him

  1. Sounds to me like the cop failed the sobriety test, not the driver.

    It also sounds like the idiot cheated his way through high school, and was hired by someone who wants morons on the payroll who blindly follow orders instead of thinking for themselves.

  2. 90% of them are f#@kin idiots who are too stupid to do anything else that’s why they have such attitudes with everyone and then act like its the people they serve who have the problem. There will come a day when they will live in fear that people will find out that they were cops. I had one tell me that the amendments were a guideline that could be followed but it wasn’t law. So I asked him how old he was when his mom told him he was a failed abortion, and this motherf#@ker socked me in the gut and through me to the ground while I was in cuffs. Without that badge and his fellow cops I would beat his bitch made ass.

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