11 thoughts on “Police Officers Use mace and tazers on a Minnesota High School Student

  1. They maced and tazed the kid, then they didn’t just punch the kid, they punched him in the kidneys. Is this what is now taught in police academies? That if you defy them that they’re going to make you pee blood for a few days? Pigs.

    1. Filthy PIGS is right.You try doing the same thing to you own kid for the same reason and see what happens to you!Can you even picture in your mind what these bastards get away with every day that we never hear a thing about? We keep hearing about the good LEO’s well WTFAT!

    2. Absolute abuse of authority. Don’t really care what this kid did….if anything. THERE IS ZERO and I MEAN ZERO reason why A. He needed to be Pepper Sprayed or B. Tazered (after being sprayed). If two cops can’t take down a high school student with their bare hands then shame on the GOD DAMN POLICE ACADEMY for letting people in who are Overweightt and Uncoordinated. That COP GOT absolutely TOSSSED BY a high school student while writhing in pain because was BLINDED by pepper spray. Absolute joke. they should be fired immediately.

  2. The clapping and cheering of the students should send a shiver through your soul. Think how they would cheer and clap to watch YOU be tased, maced, punched. Just the kind of mindless, brutal sociopaths fostered by public schooling and relentless media programming.

    Or maybe they are just all on SSRIs.

  3. Soon we will hear “After a thorough investigation, the department has determined that the officers conducted themselves within departmental policy.”

    Of course. The departmental policy has become that any officer can conduct him/herself in any manner they wish, and the department will back them up. The police are the protectors of the “gods” who have placed themselves over the normal people, and they can do anything they wish.

    And our police departments, through careful hiring practices seeking psychopathic personalities and low I.Q.s, as well as policies pushing the good cops out of the business, have become nothing but a bunch of junkyard dogs.

    1. Well said Justin, Most of them now think they are special forces and even dress like they are,travel in packs that are spread out close to each other in sections of the city,and come out of the wood work when the bell rings.The police state is hear right now just waiting for an excuse to play ball!24

  4. HAHAAHAHA!!! I want this kid with me with my group when the time comes. He doesn’t back down for shit. The cops are so pathetic. They still needed a taser. You want to know why? Because these two cops look like they both have been eating donuts for the past 10 years and never went to self-defense class. It amazes me that the senior officers even let these two soggy pieces of shit excuse for cops out in the field. They look like they’ve been eating jelly donuts at their desks for the last 10 years. That cop got served! Too bad the student’s friends didn’t come in to help the student with the other cop with the taser. What a coward.

    Everything was fine at the beginning, but the cop had to get involved further and escalate it to the next level, rather than just have him continue to walk away as he was doing in the first place or talk to him in a polite manner. He wanted to be the big man and didn’t want the little high school kids ruin his ego and power trip. Can’t have the cops be upstaged by a bunch of harmless high school kids. What will their captain think? Such a big man that they have to take on high school kids. If they can’t handle a harmless teenager, I can’t imagine how they will handle an armed national. Oh that’s right. They just get SWAT and the FBI to do it, while they stand by a tree in the background while eating a jelly donut. What a bunch of cowards.

    Look at the cop. He just continued to follow him as though he was whining like a baby while saying, “You can’t talk back to me like that. Apologize or I will call your mommy or arrest you for swearing at a police officer. Wahhh!!!….”

    Of course we all know he just did a quick, “I’m gonna count to three, 1, 2, 3” thing so he could have the excuse of saying he tried to calm him down before beating the shit out of the kid. What do you expect from one guy who never graduated from high school attacking another guy who was still in high school? Two guys with low IQ and all testosterone.

    Wow… them two cops must be so proud to have pepper sprayed and tased a high school kid. So dangerous. I mean verbal assault is so threatening these days for cops. You never know when the dagger will come flying out of the guys mouth and into the cop’s chest. The emotional dagger that is. Nowadays we can’t even hurt the poor cop’s feelings. Awwww…….Let’s have a pity party for the cops because we hurt their wittle, itty, bitty feelings. Awwwwwwww!!!!……..

  5. Those brain-dead brats won’t be cheering when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Won’t be long now, either.


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