Police: Oregon driver sets herself on fire, jumps off bridge


EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Police in Eugene, Oregon, say a 39-year-old driver apparently set herself on fire, crashed her car on a bridge and jumped 40 feet to a park below.

The woman is being treated for critical injuries at a Portland-area hospital. According to The Register-Guard newspaper (http://is.gd/ZBElBA ), someone called 911 Thursday afternoon and reported a car appeared to be on fire from the inside, with the woman at the wheel driving recklessly.  

After the car crashed into a bridge guardrail, witnesses told police the woman jumped out — on fire — and began taking her clothes off as she ran to the edge of the span. Police say truck drivers tried to put out the flames with fire extinguishers and another person tried to grab the woman, but she was still able to jump.

A police spokesman says the woman’s family had recently reported her missing.

Information from: The Register-Guard, http://www.registerguard.com


4 thoughts on “Police: Oregon driver sets herself on fire, jumps off bridge

  1. Weird, there are many easier ways to off yourself than that. She’s mad or it was an accident of some kind.

    1. I don’t think it was a suicide, Frank. She was probably hauling fuel, or some other flammable substance inside the car that ignited, and she jumped off the bridge expecting to hit water.

      I think she was trying to extinguish herself. (of course, it’s all speculation, and we’ll probably never know for sure).

  2. Why -WHY is this article stating she set herself on fire?? How do we not know she was a smoker??? And, she thought she threw a cigg but out the window only to land back into the car -smolder and start a fire?? Or, how about those car seats that you can plug into the “cig lighter” to keep you warm. I had one of those seats and it “shorted out” and saw the burnt the material in that area. I immediately un-plugged from the “cigg lighter!” Had I not been paying attention things could have escalated. And, no I never made a report either! Just considered ANYTHING electrical you must regard with caution.

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