Police video editing and mass media lies


Last year, the Feds were accused of editing video evidence to protect the Bureau of Land Management. And they were also accused of editing press briefings about Iran’s nuclear technology.   

Feds admit they edited videos

In 2016, the Obama Administration was forced to admit that questions about the government’s secret discussions with Iran were deliberately edited. 

Police caught editing videos

Police in New Mexico, Colorado, Chicago and North Carolina have been caught deleting and editing videos. A 2015 article in the Huffington Post warned everyone about the dangers of police releasing copies of dashcam/bodycam footage.

“If courts and news outlets can’t access the original recording and digital record, there’s no way to check that what you’re seeing is unaltered video.” 

The Huffington Post warns, that none of the so-called high tech security protocols can prevent law enforcement from editing video footage.

“There are no national regulations that force departments to release the raw footage — or any trail of data — to the public or press.Neither body cam nor dashcam footage is accessible by the Freedom of Information Act, so the policies are left up to individual police departments.” 

This is American policing in a nutshell, police and prosecutor immunity, secret Stingray cellphone surveillance agreements etc.

Police secrecy is more important than our Bill of Rights.

Future of policing: Video manipulation

Face2Face‘ video manipulation technology will make you doubt everything you see on TV and every video you watch. Users of ‘Face2Face’s video manipulation technology can make anyone say pretty much anything they want.

Imagine a future where police and the Feds use this technology to make anyone appear guilty.

If a technology can be abused, it will be abused, soon we won’t be able to trust anything we see or hear.


One thought on “Police video editing and mass media lies

  1. “……….soon we won’t be able to trust anything we see or hear.” I quit believing ANYTHING the FBI says, or shows, since Ruby Ridge. Nothing that they can do will restore credibility to their agency. Not that I believe they would even try except for some propaganda pieces in their press releases. I think the people of the Republic are going to be exposed to another round of their immoral, syphilitic infected minds, starting today, at the trial in Nevada. Always expect the worst from them and you will never be disappointed.

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