Powerful Gas Pipeline Explosion Rocks Eastern Ukraine; Biden “Convinced By Intel” Putin Has Decided To Invade

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

(Update 5:30pm ET): Shortly after images of the gas pipeline explosion was reaching social media, President Biden appeared behind the lectern at The White House (an hour late) to tell the world that he’s “convinced” that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to launch a further invasion in Ukraine, including an assault on its capital, Kyiv.  

After weeks of saying the U.S. wasn’t sure if Putin had made the final decision to launch a widespread invasion, Biden said that assessment had changed, citing “significant intelligence capability.”

“As of this moment I’m convinced he’s made the decision,” Biden said.

“We have reason to believe that.” He reiterated that it could occur in the “coming days.”

We believe they will target Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, a city of 2.8 million innocent people,” he said of Russian forces.

But with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken scheduled to speak with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday, Biden said there is still time for negotiations to defuse the crisis.

“Diplomacy is always a possibility,” he said.

Meanwhile, US officials  are also convinced that Russia was responsible for the DDOS attacks in Ukraine this week

Additionally, if any more FUD was needed, Foreign Policy reports that the US has obtained intelligence that Russia may target prominent political opponents, anti-corruption activists, and Belarusian and Russian dissidents living in exile should it move forward with plans to invade Ukraine.

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(Update 4:48pm ET): In the overnight hours local time a massive gas pipeline explosion is being reported, with a fire raging at the site. Early unconfirmed reports suggest the powerful explosion rocked a part of the pipeline in the pro-Russian separatist region, in or near the city of Luhansk.

Interfax is also confirming a “pipeline fire in Eastern Ukraine after a powerful explosion”… Dramatic videos were quick to emerge showing a bright fireball on the horizon.

“An explosion has rocked the city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine late on Friday, Sputnik news agency’s correspondent has reported,” according to Russian media.

And reports of a second explosion have come across the news wires:


“Local media have also confirmed that a pipeline in the area has been affected, resulting in a major fire. Emergency services are on the scene,” the report said.

Hawkish Republican Senator Marco Rubio was quick to immediately point the finger at Russia for sabotage, suggesting that that Washington might have its ‘false flag’ moment to pin on Moscow

The rest is here: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/stocks-tumble-after-donbas-separatists-announce-evacuation-women-children-russia

3 thoughts on “Powerful Gas Pipeline Explosion Rocks Eastern Ukraine; Biden “Convinced By Intel” Putin Has Decided To Invade

  1. Anything to keep all eyes off of the convoy and Biden’s incompetence. All they want to do is start a war and rattle some cages to cover-up their crimes, especially now that the Covid crap is ending. With inflation growing by the minute and the economy in shambles, they’ve got nothing left on the table other than going back to the old, “Let’s start a war! There’s nothing like a good war to cover things up.”


    Everyone knows the US is the one instigating it all. They got paid actors and mercenaries all setup to create a false flag just like the non-existent WMDs in Iraq. It’s like an open secret that’s staring at you in the face. They’re not fooling anyone anymore. They’re desperate like a dog looking for scraps on the street.

    1. Oh and also the mid-terms are coming up. Nothing like a war to rally the people together during “selection” season. Convenient.

      I wonder if they realize that trick won’t work on the people anymore.

  2. Biden wants in on a new war but his conclusion in the middle east exit strategy really sucked. All those weapons left to terrorists wasn’t a real genius move and thats getting out of a war. What is going to happen if the USA goes to war with Russia with a retarded mental case leading the way. No good can come from this unless you are part of the industrial military complex and the 1%ers. This world is really deep into FUBAR status.

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