Unvaccinated Truckers Carrying Vaccines & Medical Devices Exempt From Border Crossing Rules

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Unvaccinated truckers bringing COVID vaccines and medical devices into Canada have been exempted from quarantine and testing requirements, and obviously vaccine requirements. According to the Canadian government, the exemption is due to the “urgent public health necessity” regarding the supplies they are carrying, Health Canada told Global News.

Any proportion of a delivery that is medically necessary and is being delivered to a health-care facility or supply distribution centre is sufficient to qualify the person for this exemption.

It’s another hard to understand move, given the fact that so many health care workers have been let go due to vaccine mandates. These mandates have been not been a huge mess, creating healthcare shortages around the world despite the fact that unvaccinated healthcare workers represent the minority.

This is exactly why the NHS reversed their decision to mandate COVID vaccines for healthcare workers. Many hospitals in Michigan also allowed naturally immune healthcare workers to keep their jobs in fear of a worker shortage.

Why are the medical products more important than the medical personnel?

Furthermore, there are a number of essential goods that truckers deliver on a daily basis, why should supplies meant to assist in the battle against COVID be given priority? Over 99% of people who contract COVID will survive. COVID can be severe for highly vulnerable people, but is generally not severe for the vast majority of the population.

It seems we’ve forgot about the importance of everything and the necessity of other goods and services, and the only thing that exists in our world right is COVID. It’s time to move on and live with it, just like we do with other viruses that circle the globe and kill tens of millions of people a year. COVID restrictions have caused a catastrophic level of harm, likely killing more people than the virus itself, yet some governments insist that they’ve been successful and necessary.

If unvaccinated truckers can cross the border to deliver medical supplies and vaccines, it doesn’t make sense why unvaccinated truckers who deliver everything else, like food, water, clothing and other essential materials can’t. Due to the fact that there are many safety and efficacy concerns with vaccines, vaccine mandates in general just don’t make any sense for anybody, let alone truckers.

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