Preparing America’s Children for Slavery

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Most would agree that the extreme policies of the TSA are preparing the traveling public for slavery. It is not normal for a public official to sexually assault a citizen who is not suspected of any wrong doing. Yet, this is exactly what happens every time someone attempts to board an airplane when a pot bellied, blue uniformed pervert can grope the genitals of the flying public with impunity. But what about when these invasive types of policies extend to our schools and our children are being trained to accept their lowly position of servitude (i.e. slavery)?   

Slave Training, K-12 Style

In an increasing amount of schools, our children are being conditioned to be slaves by mindlessly submitting to authority. No reasonable person believes that children should be allowed to bring guns or drugs to school. No reasonable person believes that children should be able to threaten or bully other children. However, the state, through the public school system, is bullying our children and threatening our parents and complete compliance is the goal, regardless of the issue.

Bow Down To Your Master

Whether it be a colleague, a boss, a teacher or a police officer, bowing down to authority should never be deemed to be normal, appropriate or required inside of the territorial boundaries of the United States. However, this is precisely what school children in San Bernadino, CA. are being forced to do when a teacher blows their whistle, the children are to immediately kneel.

When challenged by the media, the spokespersons from the school district stated that the policy was “to  maintain order and to keep the children safe”.

This is just another policy being justified under the guise of protecting the children. School officials refer to this practice as “positive behavioral intervention“, I call it slave training.

School Teaches All Whites Are Racists If They Disagree with Obama

raCISTIn Dupo, Illinois, fourth grade school children are required to read an Obama biography that tells the students that white citizens are racists. The stated objective of the reading and the subsequent teaching lessons is that if a white person disagrees with President Obama’s policies, said white people are racists and should be singled out for corrective action. Students will be required to pass a test on the material.

I am sure that Oprah Winfrey, in light of her  recent “racist comments”, in which she said that all people who disagree with Obama are racists. Winfrey went on to say that all racists must die. As an aside, who appointed Winfrey to speak on anything?

The school officials are calling this fourth grade program “sensitivity training”, I call this program slave training similar to the Hitler Youth Movement.

School Turns In 17 Year-Old for Fishing, Could Go To Prison

school fishingCody Chitwood’s parents bear the financial responsibility for paying an attorney to fight the ridiculous charges that their son now faces for bringing his fishing equipment to school and keeping the tackle box in the trunk. If convicted, Cody Chitwood, age 17, could face anywhere from 2 to 10 years in prison as well as a $10,000 fine.

“WE Will Tell You What You Must Feed Your Child”

Children can face disciplinary action for packing unapproved food items in a child’s lunch.

In Richmond, VA., school officials have notified parents that they must turn in a doctor’s note if they want the right to send a brown bag lunch to school with their child.

school lunches 3 no brown bag without dr note

Subsequently, if a parent does not want their child to eat the GMO’s that are all too frequently in the served lunches at school, they must pay to get the support of their doctor.

school lunch fine $10

This insanity is even going on north of the border where a mother in Manitoba, Kristin Bartkiw, has been fined by her child’s school for failing to pack a Ritz cracker in her child’s lunch. The failure to do so put Bartkiw in violation of the national food policy which states that grain must be in every child’s lunch.

Bartkiw has been ordered to pay a $10 fine and is subject to more fines if she does not completely comply with the program which controls the diet of school children.

Zero Tolerance Equals Zero Common Sense

Daniel McClaine Jr., whose goal is to enlist in the military upon graduation, was suspended for displaying a picture of a gun on his school laptop. McClaine, a freshman at Poston Butte High School located in suburban Phoenix, said he saved the picture as his desktop background on his school-issued computer. An alert teacher noticed the picture of a gun, turned McClaine in and bravely saved the school from further harm. The picture shows an AK-47 on top of a flag. McClaine said the school initially suspended him for three days Friday. After the media became involved, his suspension was reduced to “time served.”


Literally, I could have chosen any of thousands of negative examples of zero tolerance policies to criticize. Except for the instance of bringing a real weapon to school, or possessing illegal drugs on school property, zero tolerance policies and food control policies are ridiculous and unwarranted. And when we see a school district, as we did in San Bernadino, CA., actually force their students to bow down to the sound of a teacher’s whistle, this is the height soviet style slave training.

schools are police stateWe have a choice and we do not have to submit to this tyranny. Not all schools are guilty of these types of offenses, but enough are that there are significant reasons for concern. And when these policies surface in your school, they need to be vigorously opposed and culminate in the removal of the school officials who are enforcing these insane policies upon our kids. Do not accept the “I am just following orders” excuse. Hold these school officials accountable for their actions. It may be time to educate the educators on appropriate civil disobedience true to the spirit of Thomas Paine.

2 thoughts on “Preparing America’s Children for Slavery

  1. WOW! Are you serious with that Lunchbox Supplement note?

    OMG! (Slapping myself on the forehead here) I can’t believe someone or anyone at the school would actually enforce something so completely stupid and low as that. You can’t get any more childish or low than that.

    $10 fine for not giving your kids some grain? ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME?? THAT’S your biggest problem in school? Not education, not socializing, but whether they had grains in their lunch?

    Are the teachers even listening to themselves as they are reporting this to the parents? How do these teachers even look at themselves in the mirror everyday?

    WOW! (Shaking my head in disbelief) Many of you know that I have taught kindergarten and elementary students in China for 5 years and I can truly say that not even China does this people. Not-at-all.

    Michelle Obama needs to take her SNAPS program and shove it up her fat ass.

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