16 thoughts on “President Donald Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at NRA Leadership Forum – May 4, 2018

  1. Started listening at 5:45 up to 16:54 and hear NOTHING of the Giuliano statement. Why is this?

    1. That teaser line (5:45 YOU will NOT believe what President Donald Trump just said About Rudy Giuliani) sounds like the kind of click bait that a couple of websites regularly post under headlines at another news aggregator.

      I’ll only speculate that far, because I don’t really care what Trump or Giuliani have to say. (i won’t actually watch the video)

        1. I’ll bet that if Angel wrote it, it would be on the money. (I think she’s kind of accurate about things)

          1. Trump/Guiliani is an entirely different story. That wasn’t a part of this one when I sent it in. The Guiliani thing is hilarious. Exactly what we would expect. Trump is saying “Guiliani will get his facts straight’, Guiliani is back peddling… It’s so Trump predictable, I just have to shake my head and laugh.


        2. No. I didn’t put that under there. I haven’t been able to stomach the entire thing. Taking it bits at a time. He is too disgusting to me (always has been, since the 1980’s). From what I have heard, it’s more BS and blatant Campaigning for the next Selection. However, I post it because it is important when trying to communicate with the Trumpettes (my TX in-laws are amongst them ­čÖü GAG) I’d rather hear the entire speech from the horse’s mouth than various interpretations from biased “news” sources.
          Know Your Enemy

          1. Yeah, I hear you Angel. The lying showman is disgusting as well as ALL the other ‘govt’ showman. He’s prattling on about loving the police, those in uniform, protecting our 2nd Am, and of course the lying media. “So much love in this room” he says.
            His hand movements and facial expressions are ones I’d love to slap down.
            All this rap while the invasion is up like 230% in April.
            They all disgust me and have only ONE thing for them.

          2. “….He is too disgusting to me (always has been, since the 1980ÔÇÖs)…..”

            NYC people know Trump from local news, so they’ve hated him longer….lol

  2. “…..No love lost for Guiliani, either….”

    I gave Giuliani the finger once. I yelled “F*&k you, Giuliani”, stuck it in his face, and his body guards gave me a dirty look.

  3. Used cars for sale big sale everything must go. Would you buy a used car from this guy? He’s a salesman alright. Some will buy it but you know his crap is gonna break down after the tail lights are out of sight (he’s back in DC).

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