Proof That Geo-engineered Weather Caused the Louisiana Flooding

Published on Aug 21, 2016 by DAHBOO777
This footage shows there is at least a coordinated effort behind the release of multiple plumes at the same time.
The biggest question is, what exactly are they releasing from some of these plants? Just by looking at the weather in motion, you can see these plumes are feeding the energy. Whatever material they are releasing is then causing copious amounts of rain to fall, very similar to cloud seeding.
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2 thoughts on “Proof That Geo-engineered Weather Caused the Louisiana Flooding

  1. I do not give a f#@k if it was engineered or not, this shit was hell. So f#@k everybody, it was 2 days of pacing and praying. GOD stopped the rain, prayer worked, we were expected 8 more inches overnight, and it stopped. Thank GOD. I know so many that have lost everything, this has been devastating. So screw all of you joes out there, we really dont care, us cajuns got it, always have and always will!! We are a strong people and always band together, even in the cities!! I Love Louisiana!!! Color is gone!!!! This was hard and also a blessing! Peeps have changed, we actually have friends in our neighborhood because of this. One is an ex-Marine, his wife was National Guard, and is an RN, he lost is oilfield job, but is commuting 1 hour to Baton Rouge, where it also flooded. I Love Louisiana, and my brand new 451 HP Ford GT Mustang in triple yellow!! I can send pics, she is sweet, her name is Speedy Tweety!!!

    1. Normally i do not watch TV, but i watched Hannity last night from there. I cried the whole way thru, its so much worse than what we see on the news, even computer news. My heart breaks, but what struck me was, as you say, you got it. We had a tornado a few yrs ago, out of the blue, and it was amazing the clean up crews that came from all over the country. Churches, people, they just showed up. Salvation Army was SOOO good, stayed 3 mo after clean up to feel folks. We are a sm town in comparison, but how nice to see you all come together and do whats been done there w/o Govt Help. Thank you to all the Organizations who are there as well as just people coming to help you. God bless you and yours

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